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The glorified football player " has died; Wings and Spartaka Galimzjan Khusainov

did not become well-known attacking Samara Wings Moscow Spartaka and a national team of the USSR of Galimzjana Khusainov. He has died today in 9. 00 on 73 - m to year of life. Football players tenderly named its Gilej. In Kuibyshev it has begun professional career, played here with 1957 for 1960, was the captain of our command and the favourite of fans. In Kuibyshev Khusainov has spent 64 matches, has hammered in 13 goals. By the way, last time in a city it was last year at tournament opening on beach football   Gold dust of Samara .              

  - With Gilej the epoch has left, - with bitterness in a voice Gennady Sarychev, the merited trainer of Russia and the defender " has told; Wings 60 - h, familiar with Khusainov. Is there was a great football player and the person. I remember, how on gathering Wings in Sochi it attached football players to music. We at night caught radio the Voice of America listened to Armstrong`s songs, other jazz executors, and wrote down on the tape recorder. Thus Khusainov still perfectly played Russian hockey, floated so that could master Volga! Its house was always hospitable. Us, friends - football players, his wife always met as dear visitors. On a table always there were many different tasty appetizers.