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Physicians sold to children physical inability for 15 thousand roubles

At Elena Burovoj five children. Two - invalids. 7 - summer Tanjusha since a birth suffers affliction a serious illness - a children`s cerebral paralysis. It badly goes, hardly speaks. And a heart at the little girl very weak.

In 2007 Elena was converted into the Yaroslavl branch 6 main things of bureau mediko - social examination to prolong to the child the inquiry on physical inability.

- the Inquiry we give to you with pity. But the next year save money - 12 thousand roubles, - doctors have cynically thrown on reception to Elena Burovoj.

After a year physicians have kept the word. To the sick girl at them does not remain also pity drops. And the inquiry price has grown already to 15 thousand. The head of the Yaroslavl bureau Irina Smirnova and the doctor - the neuropathologist Irina Maltsev have threatened mummy: if the information on a bribe is lighted in militia, it is possible to forget about the document for ever.

Even on a dock they did not recognise the fault. Women assured that at the girl easy degree DTSP and physical inability to it simply is not put. As mum has given not all documents confirming physical inability.

But unless it is an occasion to take money?! From criminal case materials follows: on July, 17th, 2008 Elena Burova has come on reception to bureau mediko - social examination. Money as physicians have ordered, has put in an out-patient map in a corridor, has come into an office and has passed Irina Maltsevoj. However when Elena has mechanically put a cellular telephone on a table, doctors have begun to worry: suddenly them write down on a dictophone? And a map with money have hastily returned.

the Second time mum has come on reception after a week. Has again come into an office, has put 15 thousand in a table box, took the inquiry and left. And in some minutes of physicians with polichnym police officers took...

the Consequence on this business lasted one and a half year. A lot of time has left on interrogation of fellow workers. Most of all inspectors has surprised that doctors, everything as one, there was on protection Smirnovoj and Maltsevoj. And in all blamed Elena Burovu.

defendants all this time continued to work in bureau and on all attacks in their address repeated:

- We did not take money. All is bald lie!

Under their request business obeyed with participation of jurymen. For bolshej objectivity. However those have counted women guilty.   today, on February, 5th,   the court has pronounced a severe sentence. To both of them a distance for 3 years of prison. It besides that at women is children. At Irina Maltsevoj the two minor children, one of which also the invalid. Besides the court has decided to collect from doctors on three thousand roubles for mental cruelty in favour of the victim.

it is probable, the big role that fact has played that it was not the first bribe of doctors. As the victim has told on court, vicious practice existed in bureau last 5 years. Tens parents have paid for inquiries for the sick children by whom physical inability has been put under the law.

Lawyers of physicians intend to appeal against against a verdict in the Sovereign court of Russia.