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Marina Aleksandrova has reconciled with the husband

Still recently the press wrote that between the beauty actress Marina Aleksandrovoj and its talented husband Ivan Stebunovym the black cat has run. Like a young pair would part on different apartments, and Ivan began to abuse alcohol. Fortunately, now   relations between them were adjusted, Marina and Ivan again live under one roof. As to me have told at theatre the Contemporary where   works both actors, a family boat has rescued   work in new performance Dzhentlmen in which are occupied both Aleksandrova, and Stebunov. Rehearsals lasting many hours have reconciled spouses.

- At us with Ivan very well, - Aleksandrova whom we have met on presentation of exclusive fabrics of the artist of Paul Kaplevicha admitted one of these days to us. Ivan`s truth on parties was not. - Vanja is occupied now in the evenings, he studies on the higher director`s courses.

To Kaplevichu should come and others   actors the Contemporary which worked with it at performance Dzhentlmen . But...

Artem Smoljaninov   cleans snow round theatre the Russian Army . It zabrili in army, it ministers   in the command of actors. Olga Drozdova should come. But it was fallen down by a flu, lies at home, the poor creature, with temperature under forty.

By the way as Marina Aleksandrova has told to us,   in the Contemporary now half-troupes sneezes and coughs.