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In Gomel have announced a sentence to leaders firemen

Process over three leaders of the criminal organisation firemen year lasted almost. The court should interrogate more than hundred victims and over two hundred witnesses. Litsin, Zjan and the Fireman were accused of creation and a management of the criminal organisation, vymogatelstvah, robberies, a pimping, money-laundering, causing of heavy physical injuries, kidnapping. Everyone has been punished under more than fifteen articles of the Criminal code.

the Court passed in the closed mode, and to victims and witnesses unprecedented security measures were applied. Some spoke under assumed names and surnames, and someone on a broader scale gave evidences from other rooms, using equipment for voice change. The occasion to be afraid at people is: not all firemen have still planted, and some rank-and-file members of the criminal organisation already left on freedom.

On a sentence of halls relatives and friends of the accused have filled. In the big terms which were received by leaders of the organisation, they accused journalists: a pier, have given a resonance to business, incorrectly wrote. And militiamen who indulged gangsters, but before court have not appeared. In regional Office of Public Prosecutor recognise that is valid, all law enforcement officers guilty of long existence of the criminal organisation, and only those who managed to be found are punished not. Protection too built the strategy that on firemen hang up another`s fault for the purpose of cover of werewolves in epaulets. To journalists relatives of leaders of the criminal organisation promised to break cameras.

It was appreciable that accused of a course of the events occurring in the country. Asked relatives, a leah is time to change cars - duties - that on a customs clearance rise.

Having heard the terms, leaders indignantly swung heads. Zjana and the Fireman the court has sentenced to 19 years of a colony, Litsina - to 17. Still all three should pay millions moral and a material damage. Money will be collected from earlier described property.


Firemen managed in the Gomel area of more than 10 years, since the middle 90 - h. The criminal organisation extorted a tribute from businessmen, supervised prostitutes, speculators in foreign currency and taxi drivers. The first firemen have been sentenced in 2006, since then has passed already some courts, for a lattice more than 50 criminals are sent.