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Russia has accepted the new military doctrine

Well at last - that, what and with impatience was waited for a long time by military and civil people has come true! And not only in Russia, but also abroad.

At meeting with constant councillors of security (SB) the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev declared that it have confirmed two documents - the military doctrine (VD) the countries and Bases of a state policy in the field of nuclear restraint till 2020 .

it is unconditional, both for Russians, and for foreigners the most important thing in our military doctrine - as the management of our country and army will dispose of the nuclear weapon in case of threat sushcheststvovaniju the states? While text VD is not published in the press, the official answer to this question is not present.

  But here it is necessary to remember, what ecumenical noise last year was done by the statement of some members SB as which affirmed that in the new military doctrine the right of Russia napreventivnoe application of the nuclear weapon (JAO) will be fixed. However, thus it was not specified, which JAO - stragicheskogo or tactical. But all the same nervishki to abroad it has strongly tickled. Also has called many spiteful and panic remarks. Soon we learn, a leah this awesome thesis in present VD was saved.

By the way, shortly before statement VD zam (eks - the chief of the Joint Staff) general Yury Baluevsky declared the secretary of Security Council to the press that in the new doctrine Russia reserves the right to itself applications of the nuclear weapon in case of threat to state existence (about the right to the first blow as we see, is not present words).

Baluevsky has compared this concept with appropriated to itself Americans the right to global lightning blow. That is, than we are worse than States?! In which kind it is formulated definitive a postulate on this bill, we soon learn. Though some experts say that we can and not learn, therefore as supposedly this position can be hidden in confidential part VD. Some multiknowing experts do not exclude that the closed part of the doctrine can perkochevat in already called here doument - Bases of a state policy in the field of nuclear restraint till 2020.

it is curious that, making comments on preparation of the new military doctrine, zam the chief of the Joint Staff the general - colonel Anatoly Nogovitsyn asserted that it will consist of two parts - opened which will include mainly military - political aspects, and closed where questions pravoprimenenija army and fleet, including use of the nuclear weapon will be accurately defined. And here the secretary of Security Council Nikolay Patrushev has declared already another: The doctrine text is not confidential and will be accessible to acquaintance by all interested person.

And the interested person it is terribly interesting, who for Russia will be considered as the most probable opponent, to prevent which military threats and how demands the doctrine? Soon we learn.

and more one Here is curious: how our new VD can affect the conclusion Russian - the American Contract on reduction of strategic offensive arms (SNV)?

After all the Contract goes difficultly and more it is not known, when will be signed. A leah will turn out so, what depending on the reached or unachieved compromises it is necessary korrektivrovat just accepted doctrine? Though the same Patrushev declared that such conversations have under itself no bases . We will look...