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February in Russia will be colder than norm, March - usual

was the Past January is abnormal cold, to average temperature for all period of supervision there were no 3,6 degrees. The president world meteorological the organisations, the adviser of the president of Russia concerning a climate Alexander Bedritsky has shared such information.

In its opinion, the winter will last till the end of March. In February frosts can reach 20 degrees, and last weeks March the daily average temperature can overcome a zero mark.

Last winter in the Central Russia was soft, therefore temperature decrease has appeared especially appreciable - Alexander Bedritsky has added.

Such extreme colds happen in the Midland of Russia of times in four years. Last time something similar occurred in the winter of 2006, and on temperature 2010 is close to winter of 1987.

Cold this winter in Siberia turns out. There daily average temperatures in separate days were on eight degrees below norm. Recurrence of weather here is shown in eight years. The last same cold winter beyond Ural Mountains has happened in 2001.

Despite colds, mid-annual temperatures in Russia immutably increase since 1989.

the coldest from the beginning of the century this winter and in the North America has stood out. And here in India temperature unexpectedly high - from - for badly generated a monsoon, over Hindustan there are not enough deposits, from - for it the temperature rises to the highest in   the XXI-st century of values.