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Since February, 23rd in the Belarus trains fans of beer and low alcohol drinks will forbid to drink beer

Literally in two weeks will begin to live on - new: in public places it will forbid to drink.

- As trains, electric trains, stations, stations and stopping points are public places on these objects it is forbidden to drink beer and low alcohol drinks. For the given infringement the penalty to 8 base sizes (280 thousand threatens. - Red.) - the deputy chief of department of protection of the law and order and preventive maintenance of the Department of Internal Affairs on transport of Ministry of Internal Affairs Genady Vorso makes comments.

In case of infringement of an interdiction for the fan of beer the police officer will make the administrative report. Nobody will land it at the nearest station.

the Same who does not represent a distant trip without degree it is necessary poteret to border. For example, if you go in a train Minsk - Kiev to drink beer in territory of our country it will be forbidden. But as soon as will cross border with Ukraine, this interdiction will cease to operate.

However, it is not necessary to forget that the similar interdiction exists and in some other countries - for example, in the next Lithuania and Latvia. Therefore it is better to take an interest in advance in all nuances not to break the law of other country.

This interdiction does not operate only in a dining-car. In it you can safely drink beer.