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Many bills developed by deputies, advance personal, instead of public interests

  - the Majority of the bills developed by deputies, personal interests to the detriment of public advance, - has informed on research presentation Efficiency of the mechanism of carrying out of examination korruptsionnosti in 2009 the co-ordinator of the project of the Center of the analysis and corruption prevention (TSAPK) Lilija Ionitse .

- as a rule, it does not concern all economic agents, and only to some. For example, the centre has made bill examination on cancellation of debts of the cattle-breeding enterprises. In the application all enterprises which write off debts under credits are listed. The expert has expressed doubts in noble intentions of the author, having assumed that actually behind these initiatives prosecution of personal interests is covered, - has added the expert .

As she said, by consideration of other project - on change of the customs duties, providing its increase on products from gypsum cardboard, it spoke necessity to support local manufacturers with instructions of the list of certain economic agents.

- It is impossible to exclude that personal interests in this case can disappear, including the desire of the author to eliminate competitors in the market of building materials , - was voiced by Lilija Ionitse.
Activity of deputies grows in times before feasts, and they urgently advance bills. In this case it is broken 15 - dnevnyj term of cooperation with a civil society.
- for example, one of such documents has been registered in parliament on December, 28th, and 29 - go it have already accepted , - she has informed.

In comparison with legislative initiatives of deputies the projects developed by the government are subject to other risk korruptsionnosti - they trespass vaguely -
stju formulations, without instructions of dates of performance of this or that action. The expert considers that it gives possibility to state employees for abusings.