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Work for the blessing kuzbassovtsev

building branch has hard time Today. However the Kemerovo company AvantStroj not only carries out of all obligations to customers, but also pays steadfast attention to support of social town establishments, showing a worthy example for imitation.

the Basic line of activity of Open Company AvantStroj reconstruction and repair of socially significant objects of the regional centre is. Work in 2009 has been spent the considerable. Among the basic objects it is possible to note participation in kindergarten building in a city - the companion the Wood Glade and major repairs of nutrition units of the Kemerovo schools 17, 45 and 48 within the limits of the federal program a School food reconstruction of administrative office of management of federal migratory service along the street Ostrovsky, 13. Last year after major repairs of the young pupils have accepted at once some kindergartens: 11, 36, 68, 92, 109, 162, 196. Also within the limits of the regional program of upgrade municipal country children`s recreation camps experts of Open Company AvantStroj are spent works on reconstruction of a country recreation camp the Flame .

the largest object which has transfigured by forces of Open Company AvantStroj past year, there was a Kemerovo state medical academy. Out repairs of corridors and halls of all five floors of the main case on Voroshilov`s street and one of lecture halls in the same case have been carried, the foyer, ladders is repaired. Also major repairs sanitary - the hygienic case on Nazarov`s street, 1 have been carried out that is in Kirovsk area. Now the building company AvantStroj Spends repair work in school nutrition unit 74 and prepares for participation in new tenders.

Despite financial crisis which was seriously reflected in activity of the building organisations, the company took the most active part in city auctions on building and reconstruction of municipal objects. Thus cost and order volume were of secondary importance.

- While other organisations frequently showed the big ambitions, we tried to undertake any work, - the director of Open Company " tells; AvantStroj Merabi Manvelishvili. - the Main thing was - to save the enterprise and labour collective. And it at us has turned out.

Moreover, last year in the company not only have not admitted mass reductions and personnel dismissals, but even have employed new employees. Open Company AvantStroj Has willingly responded to Placement service offers, having taken part in the program of the additional actions directed on decrease of intensity on a labour market. So, about two tens persons have been accepted for public works, some graduates have passed training at the enterprise. The last is especially remarkable, after all many potential employers are disturbed by absence of experience at competitors. But at the enterprise understand: frequently absence of experience at youth is compensated by working capacity, initiative and the creative approach. In 2010 of Open Company AvantStroj has already made an application in the Placement service on participation in programs of training and public works, having shown on a personal example that acts it is possible to help at all less, than financially.

  Social investments the most reliable

Thanks to a wide spectrum of possibilities - and today Open Company AvantStroj Spends it is repair - civil work, the device of roofs, repair of facades, complex works on internal furnish of premises, the sanitary works, a full complex of electroinstallation works, an accomplishment of territories - the enterprise has won to itself reputation of the reliable partner and the executor. However not only customers have highly appreciated company work AvantStroj but also city administration. In January the company became one of winners of competition the Benefactor of year which is spent already the ninth consecutive time.

the Charitable help in 2009 was rendered by 864 enterprises and the organisations and about 4 thousand kemerovchan. The sum of the charitable help directed on socially - an economic development of the city, has made 289,3 million roubles, it on 43 % more than last year. Benefactors assist municipal authorities of public health services, social protection of the population, education, culture and sports, finance social actions and cultural - mass actions. Open Company AvantStroj has brought the essential contribution: each school or a kindergarten in which the company carried out repairs, have received as a gift the new equipment or means for development. For example, 17 the sponsor`s help on acquisition of building materials, the sanitary equipment and a jalousie, a kindergarten 196 has been rendered a grammar school has received means for a body - and an audio equipment, and in library Aleksandrijka along the street Record premises are repaired. And it is a lot of such examples.

Mayor Vladimir Mihajlov has handed over to heads of 40 enterprises and the organisations a memorable sign the Benefactor of 2009 . By the way, for the company AvantStroj it already the second similar award.

- Frequently heads of those establishments where we carry out repairs, tell to us about the problems, ask to help. And we never refuse to nobody, - marks Merabi Semenovich.

it is unconditional, today crisis dictates to many enterprises the conditions, it is necessary to be more responsible in decision-making, to think of where and how to spend means, accurately to place priorities. Despite difficulties, in the company AvantStroj plan and to be engaged further in philanthropy, after all around so it is a lot of people to whom the help is necessary. In the nearest plans - participation in preparation for commemorating 65 - letija Victories in the Great Patriotic War. Out repairs in apartments of veterans will be carried, address material support is as required rendered.

Today to the enterprises and the organisations which support to municipal authorities, is on whom to equal. Despite economic instability, the administration of the Kemerovo region and a city administration continue to realise Kemerovo actively socially - economic programs. As before the big means are allocated for reconstruction, capital and operating repair of socially significant city objects: hospitals, kindergartens and schools, recreation camps. As a result not only the Kuzbass cities are transfigured, but also get support of the enterprise of small and average business, new workplaces are created. Teamwork and mutual understanding between the authorities and heads of the enterprises are very important, after all all of us is worked for the blessing of Kuzbas.


From the bottom of the heart I congratulate all kuzbassovtsev happy birthday the Kemerovo region! I wish good luck, family well-being, a sound health and good luck in all undertakings! I believe in the worthy future of Kuzbas, after all here there live talented, strong spirit people who make the big efforts that our corner of the world was safe and prospering. With a feast!

  Merabi Semenovich MANVELISHVILI, the director of Open Company AvantStroj .

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