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How often you meet schoolmates?

AURA, the singer:
- schoolmates I meet it is happy often, but, unfortunately, not with all. As that problem to meet is not present, as also I, and my schoolmates we live in Kishinev, it is necessary to choose time and a place only.

Max DZHEDAJ, the resident COMEDY STREET :
- Communication with schoolmates I support through the Internet, and here to meet and communicate visually it turns out, unfortunately, not so more often.

Vladimir TSINKLER, the football player of a national team of the USSR, one of the best attacking the Moldavian football:
- Unfortunately, often it is impossible to meet, we communicate on electronic mail more. The matter is that many my schoolmates have parted on different cities and the countries, and possibility to see all is not present, but on a meeting of graduates I will necessarily go.

Igor SAKSIN, the leader of group NDS :
- saw not so more often as it would be desirable Earlier, but recently it occurs much more often thanks to my concerts on which they quite often come.

Valentina RADCHENKO, the chairman of section of a fashion of the Union of designers of Moldova,
the theatre director of a fashion Prestige :

- With schoolmates have decided to meet a break in 30 years, the following meeting will be in 10 years, it turns out - not so more often.

Alexey KOLESNIKOV, the businessman:
- basically often I meet those schoolmates with whom closely communicated at school. Well and so it is visible on the site with the same name, we correspond, we tell that at whom occurs in life.

Lyudmila podlesnova, the teacher:
- Alas, infrequently   We meet, as there is no time and the possibility, many my schoolmates have parted across the CIS countries. But all - taki we try though sometimes, let the small company, but nevertheless to meet. Certainly, more often it occurs in days of a meeting of graduates or on anniversaries of leaving school.

Oksana STRASHNJUK, the student:
- Today in our school will pass day of a meeting of graduates, and I will necessarily go. Though also school I have finished all 1,5 year ago, but already now it is very interesting to meet the schoolmates and teachers, to learn, who than is engaged and that new at them has occurred in this time.

Alla GROMOVA, the visitor of a site
Unfortunately, after leaving school the schoolmates to meet and it was not possible. It would be desirable to meet very much, only here possibility already is not present, as many have parted, and co-ordinates for communication are not present.