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Crazy circumstances

Edward Abrosimov has apologised for the external appearance - it was in the hunting suit - and has told to the gathered colleagues that has arrived to Saratov from the Tambov region where hunted. Overnight it was called by journalist Alexey Smirnov and has told about a press - conferences on which it, Igor Osovin and Sergey Pochechuev have told to journalists a little konspirologicheskih the versions directed against Abrosimov and Chujchenko. Hints Smirnov has let know that they have made it nebezvozmezdno, and asks to excuse in advance. Then Abrosimov has urgently left to Saratov to warn the misfortune which has hung over a grief - konspirologami.

Customers can for privnesenija dramatic nature in a situation put Osovinu and Pochechuevu physical harm.

According to Romana Chujchenko, now, after such trick, Osovinu and Pochechuevu danger threatens: Their customers can for privnesenija dramatic nature in a situation do them physical harm. Then the public opinion will be inclined to think, as if their figurants konspirologicheskih versions thus have revenged. Besides, even if and Pochechueva nobody will attack Osovina, is not excluded that they dramatize this attack. Simbirsk, 12 - the place in the evening deaf, and srezhissirovat is possible very many.

it is not excluded, they dramatize this attack on Simbirsk, 12.

Abrosimov has responded To a question as for a long time they are familiar with Osovinym and Pochechuevym, that more ten years ago, in 1999 he has got acquainted with nowadays late public figure Sergey Islentevym. This person published the newspaper the Saratov reporter in which worked Igor Osovin and Sergey Pochechuev. All three together they have been occupied by titanic struggle against the deputy chief Saratov UFSB Alexander Burdavitsynym. Islentev the Command control centre the Country (TSUS) has shared the information supposedly they with Pochechuevym employees of confidential special service. Also that to it and Pochechuevu have made a special prick to see an essence real . After that prick they have found ability to see not visible to other people and to understand communications between events of absolutely different scale.

- As it is known, Islentev has appeared in psychiatric hospital, - the editor of radio station " has told; Humour FM in Saratov - at first at us, on Altynnoj a grief, and then in the State centre of science of social and judicial psychiatry of V.P.Serbsky. I personally was engaged in its returning in the world of normal people. Talked to the Saratov psychiatrist Alexander Feodosievichem Parashchenko and director GNTS it. Serbian the academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science Tatyana Borisovnoj Dmitrievoj. It - that also has explained to me that at Sergey Alekseevicha so-called delirium of the relation . It when seems to the patient that all surrounding validity has a direct bearing on it that the behaviour of other people is caused by their special relation to it. It, of course, yet mania, but nevertheless delirium, this display of disease of a brain of the person, is thinking frustration. Its treatment within the limits of modern medicine probably only biological methods, that is medicines.

At Sergey Alekseevicha have revealed, besides other, also delirium of prosecution and delirium of barratry.

That is why Sergey Alekseevicha from a psychiatric clinic have let out far not at once. After all at it have revealed, besides other, also delirium of prosecution and delirium of barratry. All of us we remember, how Islentev together with Osovinym and Pochechuevym struggled for restoration the trampled justice : Wrote unbounded complaints, had legal proceedings apropos and without cause, wrote letters to a management of a city, area and power departments.

- Tatyana Dmitrievna has warned me, - - Abrosimov has informed on danger of long dialogue with such mentally sick. In - the first, delirium of the relation is an original cause of ideas of self-abasement.

In - the second, quite often there is an induced delirium at which crazy experiences are as though borrowed the patient at close contact to it. Occurs as though infection delirium: the person close to the patient starts to voice the same crazy ideas and in the same form, as mentally sick. It is gone it is possible to catch as though, for example, in a case when two persons divide the same delirium or crazy system and hang together in this belief.

- I warned Osovina and Pochechueva about danger of infection with delirium from Islenteva, - Abrosimov was distressed, - but, it is visible, they have not listened to me.