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In Kishinev national championship on ledolazaniju

will take place our people Love an extreme, and, in any weather. On Sunday, on February, 7th, in career “ Vatra “ the open championship of Moldova on ledolazaniju on a natural relief will take place. Unique ledodrom is natural, almost steep, ice wall in height about 25 metres - is in suburb of Kishinev, nearby to a car market. Here train not only the Moldavian climbers, but also their colleagues from neighbouring countries - Ukraine and Romania.

Visitors of the championship can see “ battle “ the best ledolazov the countries, will treat everyone with hot tea with grasses, and especially resolute even the forces on vertical ice can try.

Is invited to spend Sunday interesting! The beginning - in 10. 30.
To an open-cast mine it is possible to reach on city minibuses นน 123,154,171 (a stop of Prunkul, “ at an open-cast mine “) Further - on traces.
organizers of competitions: Mountain club of Moldova, Federation of mountaineering and country rock-climbing.
details on   www. magic - lamp. com. md.
Inquiries on ph. 069150923