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The American rockets near to Moldova: than it threatens us?

in September of last year US president Barack Obama solemnly declared that its country refuses placing of a new echelon of antimissile defence (ABM) in Czechia and Poland. That was the good sign for Moscow.

And already soon the same Obama has reversed, having declared that the ABM system in Europe all - taki will be created, but in other kind . And it is already created: antimissile systems of the USA already become attached to Poland and Bulgaria. And on Thursday it has been declared that States intend utykat the same systems (the newest rockets of SM - 3) and Romania. gosdep the USA confirms: ABM elements in Romania will appear by 2015.

And there will be they and on Black sea (for this purpose there is special ship radar and rockets). Here words of the assistant to state secretary Phillip Krouli: The decision of Romania sounded the day before to accept the SM interceptor missile - 3 is a reflexion of strategy of Washington concerning development and growth of architecture which will protect all Europe .

For Russia all it has important strategic sense: the European Union - already, as a matter of fact, huge grouping of the NATO, potential military threat for Moscow and its allies. Though America also declares that builds a protective board from rockets of Iran, all it is clear: this board the radar will appear through also territory of Russia up to Ural Mountains. And in a case if it is necessary to respond the rockets to blow by the European part of Russia, the ABM of the USA can successfully block this answer. Let not completely, but Americans expect to intercept many Russian rockets by means of the ABM. That is Washington can not be afraid of the answer of Moscow to the blow.

Russia which the USA exhaust in such conditions, hardly will agree with it. That is why prime minister Vladimir Putin has declared recently that Offensive arms urge to develop and perfect us. Otherwise they cannot overcome the American ABM .

In this geopolitical situation Moldova, in case of the potential military conflict, can appear between original a hammer and an anvil . That is, in the scorching heat of possible opposition.

And At this time

Russia waits from the USA of explanations

- We expect that the USA will offer exhaustive explanations taking into account that the mode of Black sea is regulated by the international convention of Montreux, - the head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov on Friday has declared. According to Lavrova, anyway Russia recognises that there is an arrangement of two presidents on joint studying of the general threats and connection to it of the European Union, including Germany .
When we will understand that we have a general understanding of probable threats, it will be possible to speak about what retaliatory measures can be undertaken, - has told Lauruses.