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Deputies of local advice in Belarus work free of charge

on April, 25th in Belarus will choose deputies of local advice. In rural, regional, country councils of deputies we choose already 21 300 workers of political work! What for people go to local advice? They accept what laws? What problems of voters, and for what money solve?

In deputies go from - for ambitions and for the sake of the status

the Deputy of local advice is a citizen of Belarus is more senior 18 years. The Russian with residence permit can become the local deputy in our country even. And here Byelorussians, by the way, in Russia cannot be selected, there all deputies work for money, are considered as officials that is why are obliged to have citizenship.

More often the deputy lives in that district where it is selected. After all he will solve questions not state, but local level. And in interests of voters that he knew their problems, and it is even better - divided them. For example, he too has no place to park, he lives in an old high-rise building without repair and against cutting down in - it of that grove.

in Belarus the salary is not necessary to the Deputy of local advice. They prosecute subjects of voters in free from the basic work or study time.

When the deputy select, it receives the certificate and a breast badge. Then elects from one district create Council of deputies. Session - once a quarter. They gather in any convenient big hall, approximately half-day.

- On session from work release. What else advantages? Cannot dismiss, or from university to exclude, without the consent of all advice. In general, social guarantees - approximately as at the woman in a maternity leave! - Olga Kharlamov, the deputy Svislochsky poselkovogo Advice and young mum jokes.

What for people go in deputies? In - the first, always there are companions by whom it is not sat on a place, in the decree or on pension. In - the second, chance to change life of associates to the best. In - the third, in the country there are people who would like to politicise. And the deputy of local advice is first level of local authorities.

However, interested persons not too it is a lot of. And it disturbs the Belarus Central Electoral Committee:

- Unfortunately, people become every year more self-interested. And only material, career, status interest plunges them on struggle, and at all desire to minister to the native land, - Lydia Yermoshin has noticed in interview to the Belarus radio the head of the Central Electoral Commission.

the Handle and a paper - the main weapon of the people`s choice

the Deputy informs local authorities that inhabitants of settlement want, area, area. For example, explains that people want to repair first of all not road, and a kindergarten.

the Minimum of times in a month the deputy should meet voters, receive from them orders To listen to complaints, requests and problems, and then to react to them. The deputy can help with references to local authorities. On it to you and the deputy should answer in 10 - dnevnyj term. Still is inquiry of the deputy - more serious document, it should countenance all advice. And, at last, the offer on elimination of infringements of legality . For example, to people have not paid the salary or have illegally dismissed. If the deputy considers that the law is frankly broken, he can write at once to Office of Public Prosecutor, militia, Committee of state control or the profile ministry - for example, work and sotszashchity.

- the deputy has more than possibilities because to its inquiry should react necessarily. And if to citizens respond in 30 - dnevnyj term to deputies - the maximum in 10 days, - is spoken by Dmitry Kuhlej, the deputy of Moscow Tovsky regional council of deputies.

Possibilities of the deputy depend on advice level, on the accruing: Rural (poselkovyj), regional and regional. Is city, but they are united often with the regional.

- At me 550 voters. From their name I can solve those problems about which they tell, - Olga Kharlamov speaks. - I deal with basically housing and communal services problems. For example, our achievement - warming of several apartments.

Thus access to the budget at deputies is not present.

- We can offer only, on what spend the budget, - Olga speaks.

More serious offers demand and more time. For example, on constructing parking place or to repair a kindergarten, months of deputy letters, complaints and inquiries leave.

- In our area basically complaints to housing and communal services. Though we kommunalniki always respond, react and try to solve a problem, - Dmitry Kuhlej tells. - Still people complained of bad asphalt, a small foot zone. From achievements, perhaps, constructed parking place.

the country council to which the Minsk City Council is equal also, has more than powers. He considers questions of local taxes, is engaged in outdoor advertising control. Thanks to the Minsk deputies in capital there was park Tivali near to street Pritytsky, the Tatar square for TSUMom, streets Naliboksky , Ljutsinsky and t. d . And here offers of Mingorsoveta to forbid children to walk after 23. 00, and vodka to sell only to 22. 00, has not countenanced Ministry of Justice. It has appeared, the City Council does not have powers for such decisions.


That else the local deputy solves?

- Accepts the plan socially - economic development, the budget and makes the offers.

- Confirms local taxes and tax collections. Perhaps for example, to offer tax privileges.

- Confirms an order of the order the municipal property.

- Can appoint local referenda. However, in Belarus while any was not.

- Listens to the report of executive committee on the done work and plans for the future to be well informed and tell to voters. In an ideal he should hear from them remarks and offers and to connect citizens and local authorities.

- the commission which accepts houses to a cold season, includes the deputy.

- Name new streets, squares, parks. Can suggest to rename the old.

- Represent the person in court the lawyer and the deputy can.

- When the house before a cold season surrenders, the commission on their reception includes the deputy, houses are how much ready.

it is necessary to know, with what it is not necessary to go to the deputy. He is not engaged in private matters of citizens - family dismantlings and scandals. It not the lawyer also cannot advise on room questions, cannot beat out habitation or help to receive - to sell - to buy apartment.


Who chooses?

Citizens of Belarus who live on polling district, plus - citizens of Russia with residence permit. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for last year, in Belarus lives about 80 thousand Russians.

That has changed for the voter under the new law?

the Main thing - have cancelled the bottom threshold of an appearance on local elections. Earlier that elections have taken place, it was necessary, that has voted more than 50 % living in district. Now such restriction is not present. Who will come, that and will choose the deputy! A leah

Will agitate?

Since February, 14th will start to collect signatures, to put pickets. On propaganda the candidate of the Village Soviet needs 1 base size (35 thousand roubles), country council or the Minsk City Council - 8 base (280 thousand). Own means cannot be used. Time for performance on radio and premises for meetings with voters will be given to candidates free of charge.