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From - for state of emergency on Tula boiler Mjasnovo there was without heating

In Tula again a municipal failure. And again in 20 - gradusnyj a frost inhabitants of Tula remained without heating.

At first on January, 13th from - for boiler-house explosion on Lenin`s avenue, 161 giving of heat has stopped in two apartment houses on Zelenstroe.

boiler-house work in Mjasnovo Now has stopped in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. Heat has ceased to arrive in 44 houses, 3 kindergartens and 2 schools.


As to us have informed, nearby 22. 00 on a cable of transformer substation there was a short circuit which lasted to steam of seconds. A boiler-house have there and then switched to the reserve power supply. But to avoid impulses in pipes (heat supply internal systems) it was not possible.

Urban services have quickly started debugging. The emergency response centre which was headed by the governor of the Tula area Vyacheslav Dudka has been created.

In spite of the fact that in the night from 26 for January, 27th the temperature behind a window on area fell to - 39 degrees, failure managed to be liquidated quickly. Heat giving in houses, gardens and schools have restored approximately for 6 hours.


- Razmorozki of houses has not occurred, - has told on a press - city conferences - the manager of Tula Michael Ivantsov . - the Heat-carrier have started already at 3 o`clock in the morning.

- But what became the short circuit reason?

- cable Damage has occurred from - for reloadings in networks, - the director of Department of building and housing - municipal services of the Tula area Michael Dorohin has explained. - Such strong frosts were not some years, therefore loading on elektro - and thermal networks now has more than ever increased. Inhabitants of Tula connect additional heating devices. Short circuit and hydraulic blow in heating system became a consequence of it.

FROM the KINDERGARTEN of CHILDREN Correspondents HAVE taken away

have gone in suffered 142 - j a kindergarten. Near doors in establishment we have come across the emergency car from which in a building black hoses lasted. In a corridor of a garden two workers welded new pipes. On the second floor us has affably met and. An island of the manager Nina Morkovkina.

- About failure we have learnt in 5 mornings, - Nina Anatolevna has told. - After an hour have already started to ring round parents, after all kiddies lead already 7. 00. We warned that premises heat heaters and a gun . In total at us 209 children, but having been frightened of a cold, parents have resulted nearby 60 - ti. Already by their dinner remains 18. But anybody, thank God, has not had time to freeze.

I an island of the manager of one of the suffered kindergartens 142: That kiddies have not frozen, we warmed a premise a gun
the Photo: Alexey FOKIN


- In 5 mornings I have woken up from a cold and long could not be warmed,   - the inhabitant of the house 14 - In on street of Marshal Zhukov Julia Slatinova remembers. - It was covered with two blankets, and only after that which - as has fallen asleep. Only by the evening in apartment became a bit warmer.

In Julia Slatinovoj`s apartment was so cold that it could not close eyes
the Photo: Alexey FOKIN

- And we had not time to freeze, though morning of the battery and were slightly warm, - the inhabitant of the house 100 on Odoevsky of highway Olga Serdjuk adds. - To 12 days of a pipe have started to heat up gradually. Now in apartment absolutely warmly.

Olga Serdjuk and her daughter of Angelina had not time to freeze from a cold
the Photo: Alexey FOKIN


If in your house old conducting or to it on a broader scale is required capital repairs, it is necessary to hold meeting with proprietors of habitation and to write the application in the operating organisation. That will calculate, how much money is necessary for repair and when it really to make.

Also you can be converted with the collective statement to the head of City administration to Michael Ivantsovu (Lenin`s area, 2) that you have included in the list of houses on capital repairs.


the Cable could close from - for decay

- the Probability of similar state of emergency exists in all municipal unions, - Michael Dorohin assures. - Deterioration of municipal structures is too high and reaches 80 %. Services try to work operatively and competently.

- it is possible, short circuit on a cable has occurred from - for its old age though while the reason is unknown, - the assistant to the head of administration of Tula on life-support Yury Pronjakin assumes. - That similar states of emergency did not occur in the future, on boiler-houses we plan smooth start-up of water delivery   (from - for short circuit the pump has sharply stopped to work, and when has joined again, in pipes pressure has increased. As a result there was a hydroblow, and pipes has broken through - the Comment avt .) .

For this purpose we want to establish frequency reformers. It will help to extinguish sharp inclusion of pumps. Roughly speaking, water delivery will smoothly occur.

Also we plan to establish so-called system of return valves on pipelines of hot water. It also will soften giving.

In an ideal it would be necessary to put similar systems on all boiler-houses of Tula. While they operate only on largest of them.

the COMMENT of OFFICE of Public Prosecutor

-   At present we inspect upon failure, - have told to us in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Tula area . - While responsible to name premature.


How to define that conducting is faulty:

-   Often beats out automatic machines - knife switches are first sign of that conducting can be hurt.
-   conducting has smoked.

In both cases be immediately converted to electricians (in ZHEU in a residence).