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For eyes

Fish - for a sharpness

Dieticians urgently recommend six most necessary products to us there are fish two - three times a week. It appears, their ophthalmologists in it support both hands! In fish those useful fat acids and polynonsaturated fats which are necessary for us and for health of eyes contain. Especially the Omega - 3.

How much it is necessary : 300 gramme two times a week.

a bilberry - for weariness

This berry - the basic component all vitamin complexes for eyes. It protects our eyes from an overstrain and weariness. After all in a bilberry contain antotsiany which help to support capillaries through which to eye muscles and nerves nutrients are delivered with a healthy status. Giving thanks to these substances blood circulation in eye vessels improves. Besides, the bilberry contains vitamins   And and With. Giving thanks antioksidantnym to properties, these vitamins reduce harmful influence of free radicals.

how much it is necessary : 1 - 2 spoons in day. Or morozhennyh berries, or in the form of jam, kissel.

pistachios - for a retina

for anybody not a secret that all nuts are rich with minerals, vital for normal functioning of a human body. Leaders on nutritious properties among nuts - almonds, a walnut and pekan. But on the first lines a hit - parade of useful nutlets - pistachios.

besides copper, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, kletchatki and « useful » fats, pistachios contain ljutein and zeaksantin. Though names of these substances sound mysteriously, they are very useful to eyes as help to prevent a muscular dystrophy kletchatki, connected with ageing. As the American researchers assure, 28 - the gramme portion of the Californian pistachios (about a handful) contains more than useful antioxidants, than any other nuts. That is 342 micrograms ljuteina and zeaksantina: in 13 times more, than in a filbert or a glass of orange juice.

how much it is necessary : a handful or 30 gramme every day.

cabbage - from an ache and reddening of eyes

too it is necessary to eat It - dieticians, though and not all (about care - assure at the raised acidity of a stomach). And for eyes cabbage, though our native belokochannaja though red, it is useful to that in it the weight of vitamins contains: With and R, 1, 2, RR. And also substance holin. With vitamin K also spinach also is rich. Especially a lot of vitamin C contains in sauerkraut - much more, than in the same citrus. It helps to eliminate fragility sosudikov (from - that they burst, eyes redden), improves blood circulation. Also it is necessary   to education of the collagen necessary for regeneration of eye cages and blood vessels.

how much it is necessary : it is not less 150 gramme three times a week in any kind - soups, salads and it is simple so.

Carrot with sour cream - for « twilight » sight

If you have felt that became worse to see in the dark, bright light hurts the eyes, eyes are tired often, harmful barley and muchat konjuktivit jumps, means, to you is malicious there is no main eye vitamin - And or retinol. It is necessary to us for normal work of a retina as is a part of a pigment which is responsible « processing » light in electric impulses and their transfer to a brain.

how much it is necessary : 150 gramme from false sour cream or vegetable oil two - three times a week.

grapefruit - for crystalline lenses

In grapefruit enters set of useful substances: vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, iron, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, folic acid and many kinds of vitamin B. But the most important thing in grapefruit is a maintenance of special substances, bioflavanoidov which slow down ageing of eye crystalline lenses.

for this reason the most useful part of grapefruit are the transparent thin skins dividing segments in which just and these contain bioflavanoidy. From - for them fruit gets bitterish taste, but these substances are very useful to health of eyes. Therefore it is necessary to eat grapefruit bodily, without deleting from it a thin skin.

so the whole grapefruit is much more useful, than svezhevyzhatyj juice from it.

How much it is necessary : daily or time in two days on one piece.