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The frost in epiphany of inhabitants of Chita will not freeze

Today orthodox Transbaikalia, as well as all country will mark eve of epiphany. Already there is a preparation for the big Christian feast epiphany Is Lord`s, entering into number 12 of the most honoured in a church calendar. To be remembered in villages of our childhood there were no churches where we could go on service. But, nevertheless, people with the big impatience waited for this feast because after midnight went on small river where the day before muzhiks have cut down an ice-hole that all interested persons could type waters and who and to plunge.

As have told in a cathedral church of Chita, on the eve of a feast will pass vesper worship services. At once on service end water will be consecrated. Tomorrow morning worship service will begin in 8 o`clock in the morning, and water will start to distribute with 11. 00.

WHERE In Chita it WILL be possible to BATHE?

In Chita to plunge into an ice font it will be possible by tradition kreshchenskih a bathing in two specially taken away places. The first iordan will be organised on the river Ingode in area Piously - the Uspensky man`s monastery (the Molokovsky path, 30), nearby to the Hare key. The second - on lake Kenon around school №15.

- the Ice-hole for bathing on lake Kenon has been prepared and shined still two days ago, yesterday friars prepared a font on Ingod, – Oleg Tomin, the assistant to the head of department on affairs GO and CHS on Transbaikalian edge has told. – I know about that that, in a city in many places inhabitants of Chita cut through ice-holes and will organise bathing. And still I advise zabajkaltsam to plunge into a font in the authorised places because on a place will be present both police officers, and ambulance surgeons.

All wishing join bathing can to visit fonts since the morning and until late at night. Let`s remind, last year bathing places has visited more than thousand inhabitants of Chita.


the law and order in night of baptism will watch more than 600 police officers. And behind that bathings have passed without troubles, on places of immersing believing in kreshchenskie ice-holes will be present 44 militiamen. One more militian crew will be on duty near Piously - the Voskresensky Temple where will take place night worship service.


On a broader scale, remember, baptism it is obligatory frosts, tradition such. This year under forecasts will be a bit warmer. In the afternoon air temperature will get warm to - 20 - 22 º With, and here in the night from 18 for January, 19th it will be cold.

However if in the first days of new year air temperature in Chita fell at night to - 38 º With kreshchenskoj at night the thermometer column will fall to a mark - 34 º With.


Signs on epiphany

« If this day a blizzard, snow or a drifting snow - to be to a crop »;

« If snow drives boughs on trees, there will be a good harvest, bees begin to crowd well »;

« it is not enough snow on branches of trees - in the summer for mushrooms, berries do not search ».

What feasts expect us in the near future

on January, 25th - Tatjanin day, sacred student`s pjanka;

on February, 14th - Day cвятого Valentina. Celebrate all enamoured;

on February, 15th - an orthodox feast - Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary;

on February, 23rd - Day of the defender of Fatherland;

on March, 8th - without comments;

on April, 1st (Day of the fool) - almost national feast;

on April, 7th - the annunciation day of the Holy Virgin Theotokos (it - Day of health);

on April, 20th - Palm sunday;

on April, 27th - Light Christ`s Anastasis (Easter).


it is necessary to notice that in the Uhlan - Ude on January, 18th in connection with carrying out kreshchenskih a bathing, will be prolonged work of several routes to 00:00 hours, and on January, 19th drivers of minibuses will begin the work with six o`clock in the morning. In Chita the public transport will go without changes.