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Blagoveshchentsy are reserved by holy water

truly believing for holy water go to a temple: to attend service, prichastitsja, to sprinkle dwelling and all year to accept miracle Bogojavlensky water as the help God`s at illnesses or attacks of malicious forces. However among blagoveshchentsev a lot of assured that in kreshchenskuju midnight miracle properties is found by water in any sources, whether it be a well or the kitchen crane. the secretary of the Blagoveshchensk archdiocese protopope Oleg Volochaj has refused to make comments on superstitions, has told only that it is incorrect. But about where and as today it is possible to type really holy water and how correctly to make it, has told podrobnejshe.

- On Wednesday after 12 hours and till the evening water can be typed in a cathedral church and in a man`s monastery. Besides, water will be consecrated on iordani (area of street Amur, 1). There Great sanctification will pass at 13 o`clock. The most important thing that people did not forget that by a word of apostles in the Temple all should be comely and on a rank.

According to Oleg Volochaja, for the use kreshchenskoj waters are not present any especially difficult rules or the special schedule, this warm proizvolenie each person. To drink it it is desirable in the morning on an empty stomach after fulfilment of a prayful rule, but it is possible at any moment as have felt in it necessity. kreshchenskoj the priest tells waters about special characteristics:

- Earlier Great agiasmu (the consecrated water. – a bus) Blest to use instead of a holy communion to those people who bore on itself long enough epitimju (church punishment. - Avt). Therefore one drop of such water consecrates, on a trope of fathers, the whole sea, and to concern this water it is necessary with appropriate awesomeness.

Speak, kreshchenskaja water helps any person, it is not obligatory kreshchenomu, but as it has appeared, this statement too disputable.

- All depends on how this water to use, - Oleg Volochaj speaks. - that non-Christian has typed waters in a temple, misfortunes are not present, water is consecrated for all. Only then demand from all will be different who as concerned this relic, for that and will answer.

we Will remind that holy water is desirable for storing in pure capacity, is closer to a house iconostas if that is available. And if for any reason at it taste has suddenly deteriorated, to pour out it it is desirable in « a place not trampled by feet » For example in the river or under a tree.

Which - who from townspeople is afraid that the holy water use is fraught with food poisoning.

- in the Summer in our small rivers Rospotrebnadzor even forbids to bathe. So pure water which can be drunk not boiled whence undertakes?   – has taken an interest at «» blagoveshchenets Alexey Nikolaevich.

To a temple water will bring « Amurvodokanal » the dispatcher of the enterprise Vladimir Savenok tells:

- we Bring annually and, by itself, for this service we do not take copecks. Water we carry usual, from a chink around May Day park, sacred it already in a temple becomes.


Elena Vydrova, the merited doctor of the Russian Federation: « In miracle holy water I believe »

And how on a broader scale the official medicine concerns miracle properties of holy water? To find out it it has appeared uneasy. Gorzdravotdel the feast has refused official comments church supposedly, water too, and to doctors is all any relation has no. However the doctor - endokrinolog with 25 - summer experience, and nowadays the deputy of regional Legislative Assembly Elena Vydrova holds other opinion:

- Holy water to medicine it is exact not a hindrance. If the patient believes in its force it it is good even as a method of psychotherapeutic influence. Besides, with experience, and it at me considerable, comes comprehension that at times happens at all how should from the point of view of demonstrative medicine and the scientific approach. At times you start to reflect: why the person with a smaller pathology suddenly has more than complications? As to danger of the use of not boiled water, difficult it is a question. From positions rational - there is a danger to pick up an infection. But in practice I never faced cases of a poisoning with holy water. As well as with accidents during bathing in kreshchenskoj to an ice-hole. And in the medical literature of the description of such cases to me too did not meet. As to personally me not as doctor and as person, I in miracle holy water believe.