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Sensation ρνξσαξπδΰ:β a man`s national team in the World championship - only pupils of Tashtagolsky school

Besides, in, so-called, « rigid » kinds will act also two girls. So at once six messengers will represent our mine country in the Spanish resort place La Molina in the planet championship!

for Such initial success waited, but did not believe that it will be - to the last. The trainer`s staff rearranged sportsmen on commands, deduced from a cup of Europe in world « white circus » and back. It irritated sportsmen, their trainers, forced to risk.

Konstantin Kotov
the Photo: Victor SOHAREV

There was an in the lead group which was not challenged. In a women`s team it is Ekaterina Tudegesheva, the world champion. And more one pupil of our school of a snowboard Svetlana Boldykova who acts now for Krasnoyarsk. And also Ekaterina Ilyukhin and Alena Zavarzin. This group was the disturber of calmness in this season, having won not only awards, but also the first places at stages of a cup of the world. And Ekaterina Tudegesheva became the unconditional leader of cup competitions. She has won three stages in a parallel slalom and the giant, was the prize-winner at a stage in the USA. Today at it 3890 points in offset desjatiturovogo a cup of the world after five stages in parallel disciplines. It advances Frentsi Megert going on the second place - If from Switzerland on 789 points. On the third place in the general offset there is one more Russian Alain Zavarzin. In group of the strongest also other our girls. Not casually that a present Russian national team snoubordistok, name the dream command.

But the World championship – it is special start and for it prepare with the maximum gravity and bring the physical form to peak to this event.

Among women who start in border - cross-country one more pupil tashtagolskoj snowboard schools &ndash will act; Olga Tchebotaryov. It has come here already taken place sportswoman. Successfully acted in the championships and superiority of the country on sports gymnastics. Has achieved in this kind of much – having executed the high specification of the master of sports of Russia of the international class and becoming the prize-winner of national championship. Sharply having changed a sport, it as progresses. In the Russian championships and cup competitions Olga on the first roles. Has executed the specification of the master of sports and today – the leader of a women`s team in the countries on cross-country on a snow board.

Olga Tchebotaryov.
a photo: Victor SOHAREV

Though prepared it in the beginning for acrobatic kinds – haf - pajpu and big - ejru. But these kinds not so are well developed at us in the country and trainer`s shots that is quite natural, no. As shows the first start, despite the declared participants in big - ejre on a springboard our two participants did not leave. Have not passed qualification on this difficult 32 - h a metre springboard.

the World championship began with acrobatic jumps. For staginess have spent this kind in the closed complex in capital of Catalonia - Barcelona.

If the women`s team is called « the dream command » in man`s such « drim - tim » the trainer`s staff could not create. The doubtless leader – Stanislav Detkov to whom already for thirty, has revealed only on the Vancouver Olympic Games, nearly without becoming the prize-winner. The fourth place in dispute with Matio Bazeto, in a disputable situation and successes on cup lines of the European level, have deduced senior Detkova in number of the strongest in a world snowboard. And it means that it will start in the first group. It is additional chance. And that have included his younger brother in the command – Denis, additional stimulus. After all Denis became the first champion of Russia on a snowboard from kuzbassovtsev, having defeated in border - cross-country.

Alexander Belkin.
a photo: Victor SOHAREV

Except them in the command Andrey Sobolev and Alexander Belkin. Andrey is young, plastic and tehnichen. But it does not have not enough psychological stability and stability. The numerous champion of the country, the owner of a cup of Russia Alexander Belkin as stability on international scene does not differ. But there can be on the championship of this year in Spain it will gather and will remember everything to that it learnt.

  For now the original record from pupils of school of Vladimir Fominyh which began a snowboard in Tashtagol is established. Except the listed sportsmen – its pupils act and for other cities. He/she is the brother and sister Boldykovy – Andrey and Svetlana. Today they support Krasnoyarsk.

Ekaterina Tudegesheva.
the Photo: from archive KP.

the Course of a management of area and federation of mountain skis and a snowboard on development of this kind, creation of the centre of the Olympic preparation on a grief Foggy brings here such results. That that we had time not only to create school of the higher sports skill, but also to equip its with all necessary – a great advance.

Today on a grief Foggy in Tashtagol there are snow guns which create a dense white coverlet, rotrak, a complex of buildings and a snowboard - park. On it it is possible to hold competitions by all kinds of a snowboard. And we already received the championship of Russia which passed under the full program.

the School is, and acknowledgement to that it the leader in the country has come the day before. In youth superiority of the country all first places in parallel kinds were won in Krasnoyarsk by our boys and little girls. She is Christina Paul, Valery Ptuhina, Vladislav Shkurihin and Dmitry Karlagachev. Remember these surnames! Probably, what exactly they will sound on the Olympic games in Sochi in 2014.