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Lech Kaczynski family: « Russian wanted to kill the Polish president »

the air crash Reasons near Smolensk where the president of Poland Lech Kaczynski on April, 10th, 2010 was lost, till now not are obvious to all. At least, the family of the victim categorically does not agree with official the Russian side report where the cause of accident is specified accurately - fault of pilots.

“ Today the hypothesis about plot for the purpose of murder of the Polish president is more plausible, than when - or still “ - Martsin Dubenetsky has declared to journalists, spouses of the daughter of Lech Kaczynski Martha.

“ There are many signs showing that Russian would like to kill Lech Kaczynski “ - he has told.

According to Dubenetsky,   Russia wished death the Polish president from - for its possible pobedyna following elections. Besides, Moscow as if has not forgiven it support of Tbilisi during time avgustovskijsobyty 2008.

Dubenetsky has accused Interstate aviation committee (POPPY) which investigated an air crash, in prednamerenoj falsifications. The committee as if sokrylvazhnyefakty - for example, attempt of pilots 22 seconds prior to  destruction of the plane to refuse a landing. But the crew had no authentic data on height of the plane and its position concerning a landing strip.

the Twin-brother of the lost president Yaroslav Kachinsky, has in turn declared that the report the POPPY - “ a jeer over Poland “. The president of Poland Bronislav Komorovsky has considered that in investigation it is a lot of errors, aministr internal affairs Hedgehogs Miller has noticed that Russian   dispatchers have been obliged to forbid landing of a presidential board.

the SIGHT With 6 - go the FLOOR

Poles search for plot of air switchmen

As a matter of fact, from Yaroslav Kachinsky anybody and did not expect other reaction. And his wife it has wailed for a long time over the brother, and the naked policy now was put to use. Any oppositionist sleeps and sees, as though and where to restrain authorities in power. That is why Yaroslav Kachinsky who has lost elections, actually not against Russia wars, hurling charges in murder of the brother at the Russian authorities, and with the present president of Poland and the Polish government Tuska.

Here now threaten to publish conversations of land Russian dispatchers in Smolensk among themselves and their telephone negotiations with someone else. Probably, with the heads from Moscow. The question - that there such sensational can be? Discussion what to do further? After all same not huhry - muhry, and a board ¹ 1, moreover foreign! It would be surprising, if they have solved something independently, without consultations. But dispatchers were not present at a cabin They are 154. And about what they spoke among themselves actually, for investigation of the reasons of wreck it is not so important. For the plane important that was told between the dispatcher who was on communication with crew, and the commander of the ship. By the way, the fact of granting of Poland of record of conversations of dispatchers is among themselves unprecedented.

how much already obminalas a subject that dispatchers ostensibly have not forbidden landing, and again it rumple. Alas, but also here is not present at land services of such powers. The command of the dispatcher is obligatory, if it plants planes in air. And forbid landing they can, if the strip is occupied by other plane or on it there are obstacles. And all.

and actually revealing guilty of  destruction of the plane is not stopped not so. And now, also the Russian and Polish inspectors will be engaged in it further. Investigation of the reasons of wreck -  destructions of the plane is finished. Roughly speaking, technical expert appraisal. But very much it is necessary to some, without paying attention to the facts, to inflate scandal, to open plot, to earn on bones of the relatives superfluous pair - a three of thousand voices which will be useful on elections.

honestly, the compassion resource is not dimensionless. And for lies and slander it would be time and to teach which - whom to answer. Not the boy all - taki in a sandbox of the foe has called from offence and powerlessness.

Alexander GRISHIN