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Fire sea on Estonian light Festival

commands participated In preliminary competition on the best fiery sculpture from Estonian and Russian schools and grammar schools. On a stadium snow-covered field behind the cultural centre « Kaja » for one day wonderful figures have grown. Some reached heights in some metres. For an embodiment of the plans children used laths, straw, fur-tree branches, and even celebratory fireworks.

the Imagination of founders of fiery sculptures knew no limit. For the spectators who have come on representation waited: Tour d`Eiffel, the huge truck, an owl flying round nests a swallow, a sign on euro and other inconceivable beings and structures. Hardly the huge heap of New Year trees with a fire from which the feast should come to the end aside towered.

the Car is not only luxury, but also means for ritual burning (guide the cursor on a photo to see what it was)

Opening the feast fulfilling duties of elder Mustamjae Indrek Alberg has told: « Burning of fur-trees – old tradition on which in a night-time in honour of the Sun and for the sake of fun kindled celebratory fires. For last decades fiery sculptures became new art. Tallintsam possibility to renew old tradition has dropped out and at the same time to participate in modern cultural action ».

Euro has just come to Estonia, and did not want to burn, but children have helped. (Guide the cursor at a photo)

Figures were lighted by turns that spectators and juries could estimate each work. Especially impressing burning of the huge truck &ndash looked; creation of the command of a grammar school of Juhkentali, from - under which a cowl sparks of fireworks escaped. Longest burnt « the Owl » built by the command of the Mustamjaesky Humanitarian grammar school.

The owl burnt longest (guide the cursor at a photo)

competition Jury, under the chairmanship of Swede Gunnara Nilsona, has chosen the best work – a fiery sculpture « the Swallow » created by the command from a grammar school of Arte. Participation on the same level with adults in selection tour of the World championship over a fiery sculpture became an award to winners. In feast end under crowd cheers in the sky the huge fire has shot up, having lighted up darkness on hundreds metres around.

How to do without a symbol of New year. But here to burn it – can, prematurely? (Guide the cursor at a photo)

In the championship Estonia is presented by three commands. In resurrection on January, 16th at the Admiralty pool the semi-final has taken place. For the right to take part in final except our commands forces measured serious experts from Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Russia, Norway, France, Switzerland, Mexico, the USA, and South Korea — only 13 commands. The jury has been selected six commands for participation in the ending which will take place on January, 22nd in park Shnelli. Sculptures will be constructed within one day, representation of works and show will pass in the evening together with the announcement of winners of the championship. The prize fund makes 5000 euros: for the first place the command will receive 2500 euros, for the second – 1500 euros and for the third – 1000 euros.

Ur! A feast in a heat!

the First European cup of a fiery sculpture has passed in Stockholm in 1998. For more, than ten years carrying out of competitions on a fiery sculpture was widely adopted in the world. The central place in this art occupies fire, as an independent substance. As a rule, fiery sculptures are made of enough simple materials – a tree, ropes and a reed. According to the curator of the given action of Gunnara Nilssona, at work with fire it is necessary to make use of experience and imagination, to be almost the inventor. It has not something in common with usual fires. The fiery sculpture demands from the artist much bigger, than usual – this aesthetic show which are ideally suited for severe northern winters.

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