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Symbol « Fair Russia » there is a tiger

Under new banners the party " will go on elections to Duma (they approach in December of this year); Fair Russia . In the device spravedlivorossov with might and main develop new attributes and symbols. Old, most likely, poisterlis - present it is yellow - the party uses a red flag since 2008.

  But that the most interesting, at party will appear also the totemnyj a beast. As have told in the device Fair Russia the Ussuriisk tiger popular now in political beau monde can become a symbol. The destiny of this beast (it is put into the list of dying out animals) anxious not somebody, and prime minister Vladimir Putin. Recently in St.-Petersburg has passed whole tigrinyj the summit, on which solved how to increase population of these animals.

the Rebrending it seems will do good Fair Russia . After all today the party associates with less brutal animal - vyhuholju. The Party leadership at a dawn of its existence had imprudence to declare campaign for rescue of this small animal.

- the Tiger approaches our party on colour scale. And the main thing is very strong and dexterous beast. That is interesting, even bears are afraid of it, - explain in the device spravedlivorossov obviously hinting on an United Russia which symbol - a bear