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Concert the Viennese Christmas in Shopping MallDova

  Kishinev, on December, 21st, 2010 Become by tradition in the European countries, this year a concert « the Viennese Christmas » will entertain the Kishinev public in an unusual institution. On Wednesday, on December, 22nd, since 17:00 hours, maestros of the Viennese waltz of the Symphonic orchestra of the National philharmonic society will spend unique creative action for visitors of shopping centre Shopping MallDova.

the Symphonic orchestra, acting under control of the maestro of art of Mihaja Agafitsa, melodies from repertoire of a family of composers Strauss in shopping centre for the first time will execute. Known products: « Dark blue Danube » « the March Radetsky » « Fairy tales of the Viennese wood » « the Imperial waltz » will pass emotions of an epoch when in a fashion there was a waltz, and celebrations were spent in ballrooms.

the Musical feast « Waltz of snowflakes » with support of the National philharmonic society – it is wonderful possibility for fans of qualitative music to plunge into fantastic atmosphere of the Viennese concerts.


the Repertoire of the Philharmonic society executed in Shopping MallDova, includes also the program of Christmas Christmas carols and songs. On December, 24th, in 17:00 hours, the Academic choral chapel « Dojna » which actors possess unusual voices, will execute for public molla performance « Come expensive Christmas ». The given action will pass under control of the honoured artist, conductor Anatola Heat. Within the limits of performance the most known Christmas carols of the different countries of the world will be executed.