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Scandinavians threaten Russia with creation polar « mini - the NATO »

the Peace-loving policy of Russia has again faced unfriendly plans of some European countries. As confirms site WikiLeaks well-known for the exposures on London North European samite (it will pass 19 - on January, 20th), leaders of nine countries - Britain, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - obsudjatsozdanie own... mini - the NATO. And, according to some information, zapusketogo the project it is expected already very soon - in April.

This idea excites the Scandinavian countries for a long time already, truth, in its not militarised kind - was planned to create certain northern similarity of the United States - federation of the states with the uniform central government. But now this project efforts eks - heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Defence of Norway Toirvalda Stoltenberga, mutiroval in the Nordic pact . It is a tiny variant of the NATO where where joint military and boundary forces, reconnaissance services, the centre of protection from kiber - attacks will enter, and also system of coordination of actions in Arctic regions. The Baltic countries which are ready to enter though into all military blocks of the world if only it is more reliable to secure itself against Moscow

  have already wanted to join the pact; At the NATO summit in Lisbon the military pact was offered for transforming in Northern six where Ministers of Defence of Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and also Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia would enter.

Authors of the project, by the way, also do not hide that one more defensive union, as the answer to efforts of Russia to guarantee to itself rich with oil and oil the Arctic bowels thus is under construction.  

  We live in peace, where already there is no such concept, as very far . Our abilities should be adequate to responsibility, including to calls in Arctic regions released from ice » – has declared Stoltenberg.

it is curious that Scandinavians have reflected on defence after acceptance by Moscow   novojrossijskuju Strategiinatsionalnoj of security till 2020.   especially Europeans did not like that its part where affirmed - that in the future conflicts can arise at borders of Russia round a source of raw materials. Also that application of military force is not excluded at all. The West has regarded it as the prevention and is grateful to them has used.  

to the Nordic project the largest already were delighted Scandinavian military - industrial concerns which already predict that the local market voooruzheny becomes the fourth in the world.

However the same site WikiLeaks has published documents which say that behind ocean look at this invention sceptically. The former ambassador of the USA in Norway Benson Uitni, for example, named future mini - the NATO dream in a polar fog .

However - he notices, - it will help to look for polar bears and Russian . That according to the diplomat, any more so and it is not enough.