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Ice against wrinkles

-   Kriolifting or influence on a skin a cold -   the known alternative of a mesotherapy, - tells the doctor the dermatologist - the cosmetician Irina Kirova. - unlike pricks, at « freezing » procedures are the big plus: it is painless and not travmatichna.   the Vitamin cocktails rejuvenating substances are driven in under a skin by frosts.

that it gives? Disposal from expanded   a time, dim complexion, small stains. The skin becomes shining, velvety. For appreciable effect it is required four - eight procedures. Costs not so expensively: from 2,5 thousand roubles one session.

very well narrows pores, cleans wrinkles, lifts a tone and freshens complexion washing by ice cubes.   at first from - for colds vessels are narrowed, and then to the contrary, extend. It not only invigorates, but also improves microblood circulation. There is a healthy flush.

it is possible to Freeze also usual mineral water, and broths. For each type of a skin recommend the grass.

for a normal skin : valeriana, a plantain, a yarrow, chemist`s fennel, a violet.

for a dry skin: a hawthorn, eleuterokok, dandelion roots.

for a fat skin : medicinal nails, arnica mountain, a field horsetail. It is possible to add juice of a fresh cucumber and some drops of lemon juice.

for the mixed skin: the same that for a normal and fat skin but not to add cucumber and lemon juice.

for any type of a skin: a camomile, a sage, mint, a train, zveroboj, lime colour.

how to prepare: 1 table spoon a spoon of a grass or a mix to fill in with 1 glass of boiled water. To draw half an hour. To filter, fill in in formochki and to freeze. But remember: such ice can be stored in a deep-freezer not longer 5 days!

it is important! And if at you the problem, inflamed skin or   red vascular asterisks on the person to wash ice, alas, it is impossible. Ice is intended for a healthy skin!

And in frosts vessels and so are overloaded, vascular walls from it can be hurt. And to appear expanded kappiljary on a skin. So it is necessary to reserve ledjannye trays for warmer days.