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Elton John has shown the son

Elton John and its civil spouse David Fernish cannot hide the pleasure. They have decided to share happiness and to show to the world of tiny son Zaharija Jackson Levona Fernisha - John who was born for Christmas. 63 - the summer singer was present on sorts and has told that saw, how the kid simply has shot, as the rocket .

is an unusual feeling it is simply impossible to describe, - Elton John admitted to magazine OK!. Is was so: we have now a son!

Zaharija were taken out by substitute mother, but Elton and David are considered as official parents of the kid.
now John thinks, as though to it not to spoil the child, after all kroha such long-awaited and such favourite.

But Elton and David have decided not to surrender and all - taki to help the boy from the Ukrainian children`s home - to the Lion. And at the same time and its HIV - to infected brother Artemu. From - that sir Elton John consists in unisex marriage, Ukraine refuses to it adoption of boys. But John and Fernish help brothers money and continue to search it for a suitable family among the acquaintances.

Kid Zahary was born for Christmas
the Photo: for magazine OK!