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The potato in Kirov costs more expensively, than in Irkutsk

the Potato which about new year and so cost under tridtsatku, after feasts has still grown up in the price. In the markets and in shops of Kirov cost of a domestic potato fluctuates from 37 to 40 roubles for kg.

it is possible to look, of course, more cheaply. For example, the Dutch potato which can be found in « Roundabouts » and in « Metro » costs more cheaply domestic   - about thirty roubles. It is possible to look at private traders in area areas. They sell the second bread approximately for 30 roubles for a kilogramme. But if to consider expenses on shipment at own expense the price will be about same, as in shops.

it is possible to reserve to relatives or acquaintances from other regions. A leah here only is in it sense, there on « to the second bread » a deal such:

Barnaul - 25 rub/ kg
Irkutsk - 25 - 32
Ulyanovsk - 30 - 42
Penza - 35 - 40
Orenburg - 35   - 42
Kirov - 37 - 40
Krasnoyarsk - 38
Tyumen - 38
Petrozavodsk - 38 - 42
Tver - 38 - 46
Vladimir - 39 - 42
Izhevsk - 46 - 60;
Moscow - nearby 50;
Yaroslavl - nearby 50.
Then behind a potato to go far sense is not present. You will find more cheaply - pomerznet on the way.

it is necessary to eat less potato. As it after new year is considered the product which has lost a considerable part of useful properties. And to pass on … it is difficult even to advise. Both macaroni, and rice, and cabbage - all costs approximately 36 - 40 roubles for a kilogramme. And grechka and at all - 82 - 85. Probably, it is necessary to get used to such here to the prices.

As the price for a potato grew in Kirov (according to official figures Kirovstata, rub/ kg)

on June, 28th - 16,33

on September, 6th - 21,55

on November, 29th - 26,23

on January, 18th - 37. 50

Opinion of the expert

the Price for a potato will grow still

- the Crop this year from - for droughts was worse, than in the past. So in the market it is less than offers. And demand did not become more low. From here and growth. And expenses for storage and for potato delivery have very much grown: gasoline has risen in price, an electricity and utilities too. And it is all influences product cost. I think, by the spring the price still will grow up, after all expenses for storage still will increase. But the potato put on storage for supply kirovchan precisely will suffice. The potato from sale will not be gone, - speak in Joint-Stock Company « Agroindustrial complex plemzavod Krasnogorsky ».