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Also it is an era of mercy?

recently has come across on the Internet very touching article about how the American family has adopted two girls - Siamese twins whom parents have refused. Left these crumbs and when by it it was executed five years have paid rather expensive operation for their division.

From photos happy laughing people looked: two very nice girls with lovely ringlets and their loving parents. Certainly, girls have suffered, at each of them does not get one handle, there are also other defects, but they grow in an united family, well go to school, are surrounded by friends. At me – the person far not sentimental – the lump has driven to a throat, what respect and delight is called by such people, ready to incur such burden and to transform it into a basket with happiness!

but the mood has been spoilt, as soon as I have read comments to article. Them was much, I did not begin to read all, but rezanulo on eyes the such: « stupid pendosy » « than for freaks of the grandma to spend, is better about healthy would take care » « all of them for the sake of babla do it, now any fund will create, will grow rich » and other … I do not know, it is necessary to be what person, that even in such history to find a negative and an occasion to splash out the rage?!

Yes, it is clear that similar people unsatisfied with the life who instead of understanding with the internal problems, splash out a rage on any, come into the view write. We habitually abhor Americans, Caucasians, gays, neighbours, relatives. We fastidiously turn away from vagabonds and invalids, leaving people alone with the grief, essentially we do not give alms to old women – « we know these beggars, money, podi, it is more than at us! » We do not transfer money in welfare funds because are assured that them will steal.

know, even if all our fears and are not groundless, we so have got used not to trust and abhor that this status for us is comfortable, we do not notice that we live as in the war – are constantly ready to strike, shout, spit, push away. But we very long prepare and we reflect, weighing « for » and « against » before doing good. Certainly, our life has no for romantic pastorals, agrees. Everything that is created in our country last hundred years does not contribute in an excessive relaxation, we have no time to love - it is necessary to survive! But what for we so carefully accumulate, we care and we cultivate our hatred – not clearly. After all does not become happy harmonious person instead of spending time with relatives, to watch a favourite film, to honour the book to children to creep on sites and to cry out – To cry out, to a hysterics - the negative attitude to this or that phenomenon or the person!

crowds of extreme faultfinders ryshchut on a RuNet everywhere to leave the trace, to write, how and whom by name they abhor to whom would not refuse « to blow » who badly sings, not so writes, looks bad, who does not approach the wife or the husband, or simply vile trite curses concerning all on light. These people always lasted to scratch on a tree or in the lift « Ivanov – the silly woman! » and now can scratch the Very important Opinion on Internet open spaces, after all if they do not declare to the world what exactly and as they abhor, the world, probably, will miss something important!

one girl of twenty four years has written at a forum: « Faugh, what old ugly wife at this leader why it will not change it on young and beautiful? » that it – psychic blindness? Not admiration of a constancy and family values, and the self-damage program: after all once to this girl too will be fifty, she that is not afraid of it too « will change »?

I desperately do not have romanticism and beliefs, I choke, as the fish cast ashore. Yes, I too do not believe, I not be touched, I hold the fort, as the majority – also I understand that I am not happy! I learn to switch off the TV if I do not like the program, to close the book if it is boring, to look through page on the Internet if it is not interesting to me. I learn to leave silently there where to me it is good, without crying out damnations and charges. At me not always it turns out, but I study. And, can infernalnyj a tornado of universal hatred hardly - hardly oslabnet as soon as I will learn …