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On an esplanade complete the main ice small town: Permjaki can roll down from a hill - galleries and hills - the Kamsky bridge

- Well when it will be already possible to drive on hills on an esplanade, 10 days about New year, and there all workers do something... - discuss permjaki on the eve of a feast.

it is valid, yesterday we descended have looked: on all ice small town snow blocks in wooden boxes are placed - from them will model figures, trucks with ice cubes constantly approach, and one has brought two dry closets, muzhiks collect a hill...

the fur-tree Is ready - it is beautifully shone in the dark. Near it Father Frost light-emitting diode figures, the Snow Maidens and the Tiger - an expiring year symbol. There is an avenue from light-emitting diode trees and ice arches. All the rest - in work.

it is especially beautiful on an esplanade in the evening when include New Year`s illumination.
a photo: Alexey ZHURAVLYOV.

Complete a skating rink protection, this year it will be huge - 80 on 45 metres (it in 3 - 4 times more last year`s). If to remember a last year`s heap malu from kiddies and adults even it will be possible to run up on the fads. Their hire will organise.

Promise to construct ice slopes and labyrinths. Some will be executed in the form of the Perm sights. So before the Legislative Assembly building will appear a hill - gallery and a hill - the Kamsky bridge.

the zones devoted to twin-cities of Perm become the Innovation on an esplanade: to Duisburg (Germany), Luisvillju (USA), to Oxford (Great Britain), Tsingtao (China). Ice symbols of these cities (buildings or animals) will be established, and also is planned to spend audio - excursions on them (with 2 on 6 and 8, on January, 9th). Everyone permjak can learn, how meet New year in these cities and the countries.

Celebratory opening of a New Year`s complex on an esplanade will take place

on December, 25th, 2010 at 17 o`clock. All should be ready to this time. And the small town should exist according to plan till February, 20th.