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Why in Krasnoyarsk kindergartens of children have deprived of a supper?

- from the menu at doshkoljat the supper has disappeared! - in the morning, after « delivery » the child in kindergarten, the reader has complained to us. - that to what, nobody explains. Only calm that the mid-morning snack became « condensed ». Whence such innovations?

It has appeared, all is made under the law. On new SanPiNam who have come into force this year, a supper really have allowed to clean, but with a condition: all its dishes should be included in a mid-morning snack (that « consolidation ») . Of the edge Ministry of Education assure: to save on children gathers nobody. All becomes it that money for a food were spent rationally.

- the Mid-morning snack in kindergartens is given in 15. 30, a supper in 18. 30. But children are in all preschool educational institutions to half seventh, often children take away earlier, and it turns out that the supper is there is nobody, — the chief specialist on preschool education of the Ministry of Education of edge Natalia Ogneva speaks.

it is concrete:

Endurance from SanPiNa XVI. Requirements to drawing up of the menu for catering services of children of different age

Food intakes depending on duration of abiding of children in TO

food intake Time 8 - 10 hours 11 - 12 hours 24 hours
8. 30 - 9. 00 a breakfast A breakfast
10. 30 - 11. 00 the second breakfast the second breakfast the second breakfast
12. 00 - 13. 00 a dinner a dinner a dinner
15. 30 a mid-morning snack a mid-morning snack * a mid-morning snack
18. 30 - a supper a supper
21. 00 - - 2 - j a supper

* At 12 - hour abiding the organisation as separate mid-morning snack, and « is possible; condensed » a mid-morning snack with inclusion of dishes of a supper.