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For a year the organisation soldier`s mothers the Krasnoyarsk organisation « has helped 168 recruits

; the Forum of mothers of military men of edge » has summed up the work for last year. What to tell? Alas, on - former in army of an order is not present, « old men » scoff at the young. For a year of 168 persons it was converted to « to soldier`s mothers » behind the help, in the majority it is complaints on dedovshchinu.

the loudest case has occurred to the Krasnoyarsk citizen in a military part in the Far East. Then the young man has run away from a part, without having sustained mockeries. One more case was in Krasnoyarsk. From a military part 59361 that in the street Malinovsky, have tried to steal … the soldier - srochnika. Zheleznogorets Edward Artemyev as it has appeared, « ran » from 32364 military parts in the Uhlan - Ude as he confirms - from dedovshchiny. Has written the letter in military - investigatory department, and there have solved: For a while, while check is conducted, to translate to Krasnoyarsk. From a sin far away. In a Krasnoyarsk part it was found by the senior lieutenant Galliulin, that « the grandfather » from which Edward has run away from Buryatiya and... Has stolen it from a military part. The soldier by miracle managed to run away (we wrote about this case, read more in detail on a site)

- this year 11 references from parents of Krasnoyarsk recruits have already arrived, - Natalia Degraf (by the way, many years ago she rescued the son from the Chechen captivity while military men helped nothing) has told the head of the organisation. – All of us will necessarily try to help.

it is important!

How to contact « the Forum of mothers »

Reception is conducted daily on weekdays to the address: Red Square, 17. It is better to call preliminary on bodies. (391 221 - 17 - 89.

On emergencies it is possible to call on cellular to Natalia Anatolevne Degraf 8 - 904 - 892 - 91 - 63.

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