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Experts have identified bodies of victims in the plane which has burnt down in Surgut

59 - summer Tamara Pukach, 35 - summer Paul Fedorova and its seven-year daughter Albina officially recognised as victims in a terrible fire onboard They are 154 at the Surgut airport. Experts have confirmed, what exactly their scorched remains have found in the burnt out plane. Before the authorities Jugry, speaking about victims, chose the formulation « were missing » (see the Husband lost at the airport of Surgut: I waited near the plane while it has not burnt down ) .

- It is spent molekuljarno - genetic examination. To relatives of victims already have allowed to take away remains, - has told « the senior assistant administrator on organizational maintenance, control and communications with mass-media of the Ural investigatory management on transport SK the Russian Federation Irina Sarkisyan.

After a fire from samoeleta there was only a tail and wings  

Inspectors fulfil two versions of tragedy – infringement of fire prevention rules and technical malfunction of the plane.

  - Other variants are not present, because we wait results of investigation interstate aviation komitata (POPPY), - Irina Sarkisyan adds. – anyway, we will wait them and we will make a start from them if it is required, we will appoint still examinations.

the MAKOVSKY commission with the conclusions does not hurry up. Experts carefully study documents and decipher black boxes. It is already known that the day before in a plane power supply system there was a failure. Most likely, 27 - summer « a carcass » has burnt down from - for conducting short circuits.

  Passengers had time to leave the blazing liner some minutes prior to explosion


  Firemen could not defend the aircraft