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Leah will sustain Moldova one more presidential election?

- Moldova cannot transfer the next political crisis, - the prime minister - minister Vladimir Filat considers.

He has told on Monday evening in transfer Î n Profunzime on Pro TV that all deputies of present parliament understand it.
- political crisis Overcoming means election of the president. We yet did not conduct discussion with colleagues on an alliance in this respect, but within the next few days should meet and discuss this problem. From my point of view, procedure of election of the president should be begun, when we will be ready to it. Very important initially to establish a way of advancement in the decision of this problem, - the prime minister has told, having expressed hope that the president will be selected.
As he said, all parliamentary fractions should participate in negotiations to find the compromise.
- Communists should tell clearly that they want. We should discuss their offer, - the prime minister has told.
He considers that after reception of the plan of liberalisation of a visa regime from EU, all will depend on actions of the government of Moldova.
the Plan contains positions which we should execute. The faster we will move, the we will fast reach desirable result, - Filat has told.
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Actions   Filata - a good signal, what Russian - the Moldavian relations leave deadlock?
Inconsistent statements of Filata can be treated as history with a glass which whether is half empty, whether it is half full. On the one hand, it is obviously possible to consider them as progress. For the last one and a half year when duties of the president were executed by Mihaj Gimpu, from Kishinev requirements of compensation multi-billion " reached; a damage from the Soviet occupation . Russia appeared the centuries-old invader and the true native land of all Moldavians intoned Romania.
In this sense of Filat Gimpu obviously is more convenient. Though it also is the westernized politician, is frank rusofobskih statements it to itself did not allow. Any compensation a damage from the Soviet occupation he did not demand, and idea of association with Romania like would not support. So its actions   — a good signal that Russian - the Moldavian relations leave deadlock.
how much normal can be Russian - the Moldavian relations at a finding in power in Kishinev of a tandem the Magnifier — Filat? How to treat their inconsistent statements and actions - the director of the International institute of political examination Evgenie Minchenko argues.
- No contradiction in present statements of the Moldavian management is present. Already it is a lot of years from Kishinev curtseys towards Russia are heard, but in practice of the power of the country aspire to minimise in every possible way influence of Russia in region. From this number it was beaten out unless by Gimpu who directly said that it the Romanian that it the fellow-heir of ally Hitler Iona Antonesku. From it Russia even curtseys has not waited.
Filat, as well as Gimpu, — the politician focused on the West, on EU, on the NATO, on rapprochement with Romania. However the prime minister — The pragmatist and consequently some pleasant Russia from it can be heard statements. Especially it concerns the Magnifier — most moderate of present heads of Moldova. However and its Prorussian politician it is impossible to name. So and with it it is necessary to Russia extremely uneasy.
Recently the most Prorussian oppositional communists seemed. However in days of board of its leader Vladimir Voronina in Kishinev the line of the Moldavian nationalism prevailed, relations with Russia worsened very often.