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The inhabitant of the Smolensk region has casually shot to itself at a head from a TT

the Tragedy has occurred late at night on December, 16th in one of apartments in Gagarin of the Smolensk region. Behind a table four friends among whom was 39 - the summer owner of apartment and its friend &mdash have gathered; the police officer, the senior inspector of service of first regiment UVO at GOVD cities of Moscow.

Under the version of the investigation, during a friendly feast which, as usual, has not done without alcohol, the inspector has got pistol of the stamp illegally stored at it « a TT » also has passed its owner of apartment. The drunk man, without realising danger, has brought a pistol to a temple... The joke has turned back death: the pistol has shot, from the got wound the owner of apartment has died on the spot.

According to Natalia Homutovoj, the senior assistant administrator of SOU SK the Russian Federation across the Smolensk region, investigating bodies SK across the Smolensk region concerning 32 - the summer police officer bring criminal case. It is suspected of the commission of crime, the criminal code of Russian Federation provided p.1 item 222 (illegal fire-arms storages).
the Version that has found the employee of capital militia a pistol « on Sunday in a disctrict of the city the Cuban of Moscow Region of a line Moscow - Minsk » about   to which it was informed earlier,   officially it is not confirmed. On a question, whence at the militiaman the pistol which is not its government-issue weapon undertook, the answer while is not present.
criminal case Investigation proceeds.