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Buckwheat pancakes

it is necessary: a flour buckwheat -   100 g, milk of 0,5 litres, a flour wheaten - 300 g, 2 items of a spoon of butter,   two eggs, a bag of yeast (20), vegetable oil for are hot, salt, sugar   on taste, cottage cheese cheese – packing, fresh greens - a bunch.

we PREPARE: 1. In deep capacity we pour a glass of warm milk, we dissolve in it yeast, we add half of wheat flour and it is carefully mixed. 2. Oparu we put to approach in a warm place approximately on an hour. 3. When there will be vials and dough will increase in volume, we add in it the yolks, the kindled butter, salt, the sugar, remained buckwheat and wheat flour. 4. Then, constantly stirring slowly it is poured slowly in warm milk. We make dough for hour per a warm place. 5. In the received magnificent weight it is added the fibers shaken up by a mixer and it is carefully mixed. 6. We bake on the heated frying pan oiled. 7. We submit pancakes hot with cottage cheese cheese and rublenoj greens

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