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In Rostov there come days the tinman

In spite of the fact that the winter has come to Rostov with some delay, traditional days « the tinman » it is not possible to avoid. « unexpected » for motorists in January the frost and snow have led to that the quantity of failures has increased.

- however considerable splash it is not observed, - has told « employee UGIBDD across the Rostov region Rait Fathutdinov . - For two winter months drivers all - taki have passed to quieter style of driving, have prepared cars for frosts. Though there is an unpleasant exception - some motorists even on ice try to go by summer rubber. It should affect an emergency as a whole.
car inspectors ask drivers to check up once again reliability of the accumulator, an oven, integrity of a spare wheel, and also not to lead up gasoline presence in a tank to a blinking bulb. Considering that weather forecasters predict snow weather, a frost and ice, it is better not to put the car at a roadside where it will disturb to passage of special harvest technics. Otherwise owners should search « iron horses » on shtrafstojanke.

- Well and, of course, it is necessary to observe a high-speed mode, - add in UGIBDD the Rostov region .

And At this time

Two rostovchan assorted « Frets - Priors » on spare parts

In Rostov with polichnym have detained two car thieves of 19 and 20 years who specialised exclusively by domestic cars. Young men preferred « to work » in northern areas of Rostov where many sleeping quarters, choosing the car with « native » the alarm system or without that at all.

- In new cars the factory alarm system is established, - the chief of branch on disclosing of the crimes connected with motor transport OSO (operatively - detective department) explains the Department of Internal Affairs across Rostov Alexey   Sovgir . - to break a door of such car it is not more difficult, than locked on a usual key.

good fellows easily opened « poorly protected » cars, drove cars in « a sediment bowl » and through pair - a three of days carried   razukomplektovyvat in the garage equipped for these purposes. Spare parts marketed in the Rostov markets.

- at present suspects pass on five episodes, but we assume that the facts was much more, - speak in a press - group of the Department of Internal Affairs .