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In the Rostov fracture clinics flow suffered from ice

the ice which has Come on the night of Monday again became a surprise for Rostov kommunalshchikov. Anyway, flow bears to it in city fracture clinics. Only for last days than hundred thirty rostovchan became victims of slippery paths and sidewalks more. Converted it was not possible to learn exact figure: referring to privacy of the data, in hospital fracture clinic 4 have refused to talk on this subject.

nevertheless the leader by quantity of reception of victims - city hospital 20, but the second place - BSMP - 2.

- you advise to women slezt from heels is better, - the doctor in fracture clinic « has in a fit of temper responded; the twenty » . - After all only for days to us 65 persons, and   have arrived; more than twenty of them - with crises. Two more patients now wait for turn to the doctor.  

- it is valid, and at us the quantity suffered from naledi has considerably increased, - have responded in fracture clinic TSGB . - basically it is traumas of beam bones of hands and feet. Most of all older persons, of course, suffer affliction from ice.

but, most likely, victims of the first day   ice much more. Quite often fallen rostovchane try to be treated independently under grandmother`s recipes, and to physicians are converted only in some days: when the national medicine appears powerless.


How not to become a victim of ice

Advice to readers «» the instructor of city hospital 20

* gives not to hurry up: haste - the main reason of traumas.
* not to hold a hand in pockets and not to lift highly foot.
* By safety rules it is necessary to bend slightly feet in knees and to incline the case forward that the body centre of gravity was before feet a little.
* to Try to go into all foot and to put on footwear not on leather, and on any softer sole: raises coupling with a surface of ice-covered road and interferes with sliding.
* at falling it is necessary to reject aside everything that is in hands, and to be grouped, that contact with the earth has occurred bolshej a body surface.
* and to start to go in for sports, at last: constant trainings help to save balance, to co-ordinate movements and to strengthen muscles.

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