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How to save on a bank loan

the Most tempting credits - credits cash. Receive in bank weighty « a cutlet » denominations also realise any dream. However, it is necessary to mean, rates under such loans can be high enough.


Key feature of the target credit in technology of transfer of money. The capital does not come into the hands of the borrower. The bank overtakes the credit sum directly on the bill of the seller of the goods or service. Risk of that the client will start up the banking capital on a wind, decreases. Rates under the credit fall. So, if now banks give out loans cash on the average under 25 - 35 % annual target credits usually manage on 10 - 15 % more cheaply.
  rates under target credits are comparable to rates for reliable borrowers.
However, and target credits differ on level of rates. The cheapest - a mortgage. But do not forget that a mortgage a beret on 10 - 25 years. By the end of payment of a debt cost of purchase the minimum will double. Autocredits cost dearer.
our citizens have not got used to borrow on something intangible. The apartment - the car can be used, purchase of a tourist vacation package too in a course - to have a rest - that you will go in some days after credit registration. And on training at university will leave five years. And a leah will be reflected subsequently a science in a prosperity of the person - nobody guarantees. For this reason credits for the first higher education do not enjoy wide popularity, and give out their all some banks.


  Credits cash are much more popular than the target.
the basic lack of target crediting that the companies co-operate not with all banks. For example, wishing to get apartment the builder suggests to issue a mortgage in the financial organisations - partners. You will meet a similar picture in travel agencies, the medical centres and other organisations where are ready to give the goods and services on credit.
registration of the target credit occurs in two ways. The first - fast. The employee of bank meets clients at shop or travel agency office. A maximum in an hour financiers will make the decision, a leah not too risky to give out you the credit. The second way of registration of the target credit longer. The company - the seller of the goods or service gives the list of banks which are ready to lend money. The borrower represents to branch of bank the statement, the passport   and the inquiry from accounts department under the form. Financiers take from two about seven days on studying of credit status of the potential borrower. At the favorable decision the bank one payment will throw the sum of the credit for the bill of the seller.

the Exception are only educational credits. Every year training in high school it is necessary to pay separately. The bank lists the credit several payments. And the borrower confirms successful end of each semestre zachetkoj.
  If the client has the stable income, registration that target that the no-purpose credit it will not be essential to depend on a sort of its employment. Though, of course, banks can impose certain restrictions on the minimum and maximum age of the borrower, on a sort of its employment, to establish other minimal requirements.

Nevertheless experts under the personal finance advise not to hurry up with credit registration. Before to run in bank to sign the contract, people skilled advise attentively to study both offers on goods sale, and credit conditions. It is sometimes better to prefer more expensive offer, but to gain at the expense of more tempting credit conditions.


the Portrait of the ideal borrower

to the Addressee of the credit should be from 30 till 45 years. Is married, has higher education. The general seniority - not less than five years and more than one year on a present place of work.