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City Day vladimirtsy begin to mark in the summer

Interesting idea the vladimirskiy deputies at the Murom colleagues have peeped. At muromljan the City Day drops out on the beginning of July when the orthodox revere memory of the Murom saint Peter and Fevronii. At the expense of it the local feast it managed to give the status of the federal: so there was a Day of a family, love and fidelity. On it there come such visitors that the spirit grasps - from the patriarch to the spouse of the president. Why and to ancient Vladimir not to follow the example the big brother - Murom?
offers to transfer a City Day on the end of July if to believe vitse - to mayor Andrey Kolgashkinu defending the project at yesterday`s session of the City Council, go to city administration a stream. Celebrating city birthday in day of memory of its namesake and the founder - sacred ravnoapostolnogo prince Vladimir Krasno Solnyshko - local regional specialists, associations of pensioners, veterans of Afgana and Chernobyl and even variety of the municipal enterprises have acted. And on March, 19th the Government has made the offer in the State Duma to declare on July, 28th - Day of epiphany of Russia - the state feast. But to mark it will begin only in a year. In Vladimir start to summer day of a city, namely on July, 28th, will give this July: to a city of 1020, and kreshchenoj Russia - it is equal as much. Date round - that to pull?
- silly to celebrate a City Day not in day of a federal feast, - the chairman of the council of People`s Deputies Sergey Kruglikov considers. - there Will be a federal feast - day of epiphany of Russia prince Vladimir. Having the founder of a city of prince Vladimir, correctly to combine that and another. Where - that at heart we hope that we will receive the federal financing, at least the first commemorating. To a federal feast we can receive money and for repair of roads, both for an accomplishment, and for the invitation of good actors for a feast.
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will turn out false start with a new feast? Deputies consider that are not present. A pier, we will rehearse a feast in advance and we will impart tradition - to walk on a City Day in the summer, has shared with after session Sergey Kruglikov. Also has added: probably, it becomes an occasion to arrival of high Moscow visitors on our City Day, after all earlier the feast coincided with the Moscow City Day.
you look, and from a traditional rain on a City Day we will escape. However, on July, 28th this year - day the worker, environment. As have explained in the City Council, this day can pass the exhibitions dated for the City Day, readings and other. And wide guljanija with traditional overlapping of streets will pass during week-end. And if to remember that muromljane the City Day, it Put Peter and Fevronii, it Put families, love and fidelity, mark almost week, and vladimirtsy will take a walk wonderfully well. The majority - where - nibud in Anapa or in Turkey: July - time of holidays.
the City Day transfer not the first time
In far 1995 when vladimirtsy marked city occurrence in the second millenary and Vladimir`s age have approximated in view of that since 1005 to 1000, the City Day has had for August.
in 2002 this feast already marked in May - 25 - go numbers.
and already in 2004 - m began to mark Vladimir`s birthday in the beginning of September. But also here it transferred. For example, in 2005 - m have transferred a feast per day: since Saturday, on September, 3rd, on Sunday, on September, 4th, from - for anniversaries of tragedy in Beslan.