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Don Juan Antonio Samaranch Torelo, the marquis de Samaranch (1920 - 2010)

Juan Antonio Samaranch was born on July, 17th, 1920 in the Spanish Barcelona, in a rich family. The marquis has by origin received worthy business - education in IESE Business School.

1955-1962 - the young man already the adviser for sports of Municipal council of Barcelona.

Then Juan promptly goes upwards on a career ladder: at first he is appointed constantly to the post by heads of the Spanish delegation on the every possible events connected with the Olympic movement. And in 1966 dictator Fransisko Ex does by its Chairman of the Olympic Committee of Spain. The same year Samaranch becomes a member the IOC.

In 1967 - Juan Antonio already is the national delegate on physical training and sports.

1973 - the Marquis is appointed by the chairman of Provincial advice of Barcelona.

With 1974 for 1978 the Spaniard holds fast of the vice-president the IOC.

With 1977 for 1980 Samaranch does career in a diplomatic field, holding fast of the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Spain in the USSR and Mongolia.

Juan Antonio Samaranch`s Hour of triumph has dropped out on eve of the Moscow Olympic Games - 80. Then it has been appointed by the President the IOC. Its policy has been directed on support of the Olympic movement in Russia, unlike the heir, Jacque Rogge which openly showed sympathies of the USA, doing an emphasis on Olympic Games commercialisation.

1991 - Juan Antonio recognise as one of the most outstanding figures of the Olympic movement of the XX-th century. For it the king of Spain has appropriated to Samaranch a title of the marquis (dona).

on July, 16th, 2001 - Samaranch is selected by the Honourable lifelong president the IOC.

on April, 20th, 2010, yesterday, don Juan Antonio has been delivered in hospital of Barcelona with the diagnosis of sharp warm insufficiency. And today, on April, 21st, the person - a legend has died.

During the board, Samaranch has managed to make the Olympic movement financially independent. Juan Antonio has organised such phenomena, as sponsorship of actions and the contractual television translations bringing great sums in the budget the IOC. Samaranch`s board was unconditional rescue for the IOC, almost lost financially during crisis 1970 - h when there was even a moment when any country did not wish to receive game.

Though Samaranch`s opponents gloated over concerning introduction of a rule of the reference to it, as to the Chairman the IOC - your Excellency . And also expensive limousines and the best presidential numbers of hostels in any city, where and when it would not appear. But thanks to this person, each two years we can enjoy a perfect show with the history conducting the roots from the Ancient Greece.

Awards of Spain

the Gentleman of the Big cross of order III.

the Chain of order of the Isabella of the Catholic (isp. Collar de la Orden de Isabel la Cat and #243; lica) (on March, 31st, 2000).  

Other Spanish civil orders  

the Medal For merits in the field of tourism (isp. Medalla al M and #233; rito Tur and #237; stico; on October, 6th, 2006).

Awards of other states

the Great officer of order For merits before the Italian Republic (on June, 2nd, 1971).

the Gentleman of the Big cross of order For merits before the Italian Republic (on January, 27th, 1981).    

the Gentleman of Order of king Tomislava with a tape and the Big Star (Croatia, on August, 26th, 1993).

International Leonardo - the award (Russia, 1994).

Order of Friendship of the people (the Russian Federation, on July, 14th, 1994) - for the big contribution to development and strengthening of the international Olympic movement, increase of its role to fight for peace between the people.

order Bujuk hizmatlari uchun (Uzbekistan, 1996) - for merits in development of the Olympic movement, in friendship and consent strengthening between the people, for a careful attitude and support uzbekistanskogo sports in its statement on international scene.

the Gentleman of the Big cross of order of the Grand duke of Lithuanian Gjadiminasa (on April, 4th, 1997).

Republic Order (Moldova, on May, 14th, 1999) - in acknowledgement of special merits in development of sports and the Olympic movement in Republic Moldova.  

order Manas III degrees (Kirghizia, on November, 8th, 1999) - for the big merits in support of the Olympic movement in the Kirghiz Republic and carrying out III It is central - the Asian games in the city of Bishkek.    

Honour order (the Russian Federation, on June, 25th, 2001) - for active assistance to development of the Russian Olympic and sports movement.

Golden Fleece order (Georgia, 2001) - for active support and the help in development of the Olympic sports in Georgia.

the gentleman of the Big cross of order of a cross of Maarjamaa (Estonia, 2003).

Order of prince Yaroslav the Wise of III degree (Ukraine, on May, 21st, 2005) - for the outstanding personal contribution to development and sports popularisation, assistance to development of the Olympic movement in Ukraine.