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And what do you think of idea of carrying over of a City Day on the end of July?

Valentina KOMAROVA, the vice-president the Union of creative youth :
- City Day Carrying over on the end of July it is not so good. All have already got used to that this feast is spent more close by the end of the year. In the summer many in holidays, part on summer residences. To the people on the City Day will be less. It is wrong to combine church and secular feasts. The church should be separated from a state policy. Such combination of feasts is not necessary neither believing, nor to usual people.

Anna LEVITSKY, the actress of theatre the Favor :
- Me all is equal. The celebratory mood depends not from day of week, on which feast has dropped out. Well, of course, when the City Day will drop out for the weekend. And personally to me without a difference, at me a creative trade, and in the days off I work.

Alexey MOLDALIEV, the singer, the composer:
- Positively I concern. After all thus the City Day will be combined with an anniversary of epiphany of Russia. There will be an additional colour. Though, of course, during week-end it would be better to have a feast. On everyday life commemorating is very inconvenient for vladimirtsev. But, can, a City Day still will transfer on Saturday or Sunday.

Anna MOROZOVA, the editor of city TV channel the VARIANT :
- If it declare the official day off - I only for .

Andrey TIKHONOV, the chairman of the Vladimirskiy regional society of regional specialists, the doctor of historical sciences:
- the Most important thing - that July is as much as possible inconvenient time when all people simply are in holidays. Any serious city does not celebrate such feast in the summer. Such questions should be solved with professionals, instead of at City Council session. Especially, all these dates - semimythical.