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The Black Sea fleet remains in Ukraine till 2042. In exchange on cheap Russian gas

on April, 21st   Dmitry Medvedev for two years of work on a state post of the head has arrived for the first time to Ukraine. Victor Yushchenko`s presidency practically to zero has cooled relations between official Kiev and Moscow.

Another matter - loyal in relation to Russia the new leader of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych. Medvedev for last two months meets it already in the fifth time.

-   the Today`s meeting - off-schedule, but very important. We should make some steps for strengthening of relations and to translate them from the category ordinary in partner, to return them quality of strategic relations between two very close countries, - Medvedev has declared, beginning negotiations with Yanukovych.

Dmitry Medvedev: Term of abiding of the Russian base in territory of Ukraine lasts for 25 years

As a result Medvedev`s visit to Kharkov has turned out really historical. Presidents had been signed the agreement concerning abiding of the Black Sea fleet in territory of Ukraine after 2017.

the Meeting has turned out postine historical
the Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

  On it term of a finding of ours military - sea base in Sevastopol lasts for 25 years with the right of prolongation of the agreement to 5 years (if any of the parties against it does not mind). Thus both Medvedev and Yanukovych have declared that the further abiding CHF in Sevastopol will raise guarantees of the European security in Prichernomorsky pool. Besides   Medvedev has promised that will sign the agreement on which the Russian military base will participate in socially - economic development of Sevastopol.

- We are interested in that to our base was very kind
the relation. It such also was and, I hope, will be henceforth, - Medvedev has declared.

In   the turn, Russia has gone on phenomenal gas indulgences for Ukraine. Since April the price for gas for Nezalezhnoj will be already lowered on 30 %, but no more than for 100 dollars for each one thousand cubic metre. It will allow Ukraine to save to 1 bln. dollars in a quarter. Thus, as Medvedev,   has informed; the given discount for gas will be considered as a rent part for abiding CHF in Sevastopol.

the Agreement have fastened hand shake
the Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

- the Signed documents have been gained by us, - Yanukovych has noticed. -   I am grateful to Dmitry Medvedev that he has accepted my offer to consider these questions in short terms. The decision,   accepted on gas, - bespredetsentno.

Term of abiding of the Russian fleet in Crimea is prolonged for 25 years

As Yanukovych has declared, in the inheritance from Yushchenko the new Ukrainian authorities managed the destroyed economy. And the prices for gas which have been fixed in the agreement signed by prime ministers of two countries Vladimir Putin and Yulia Timoshenko in January, 2009, simply exhausted economy of Ukraine under a plinth .

Thus the new president of Ukraine has especially noticed that Russia has agreed to give a discount for gas right now, when the country   is in crisis, instead of since 2017 when the contract with Russia on the Black Sea fleet came to an end.

- As speak, a spoon road by a dinner! - udovletvorenno Yanukovych has informed.

is a real partner step   both from Ukraine, and from Russia, - Medvedev has noted. -   in such actions true intentions of friends, rodstvennikovv, the countries close to us are shown.

Russia has agreed to give a discount for gas right now when Ukraine is in a difficult situation
the Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Journalists have taken an interest at Dmitry Medvedev: a leah means, what Russia is ready to give now discounts for gas and to other nearest neighbours?

- If to speak about other countries, it is necessary to look, as them as their statements are interfaced to actions, commensurated with result, - the president has responded. - if it is a question of discounts there is a question: For the sake of what and for what? .   One business - real partnership, another matter - the declaration on intentions. One business to meet half-way the friend dougu, and another to make the decision on reception on a constant residence of people which have lost work.

the Hint on the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko who one of these days has sheltered in the country of the fluent president of Kirghizia Kurmanbeka Bakiev, was too obvious.


Vadim Karasev , the director of the Ukrainian institute of global strategy:

- On gas Ukraine has received that she wanted and #8213; the comprehensible price. And now it is possible to count on restoration of economic growth in our country. But it seems to me that it is not absolutely equivalent - economy in exchange for geopolitics. The formula of agreements if it to deduce, is simple enough: gas in exchange for fleet. It neravnotsenno as it is possible to win in short term in any economic aspect but to lose rate in realisation of strategic development of the country.
Besides, Russia wins not only geopoliticheski on fleet placing, but also economically as in the name of Ukraine has received the constant consumer for deliveries of the Russian gas. That in the conditions of development of the markets slate, szhizhennogo gas guarantees sale of certain volume of extraction.

Presidents of Russia and Ukraine have signed the historical agreement.
a photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

I would not tell that new agreements will brake eurointegration of Ukraine, but is assured that they will call absolutely ambiguous reaction. One will name Medvedev`s agreements - Yanukovych treachery of national interests, others is exact with the same fuse to prove that is equal to the contrary. Certainly that it will strengthen split in the Ukrainian society. An orientation question on military - the political unions, systems of collective security and #8213; it is a question disputable for Ukraine. And the reached agreements only will strengthen deficiency of the consent in a society. I do not know, than the present Ukrainian power will try to cover and zashtukaturivat these splits.
I think nevertheless that the Supreme Rada ratifies all these agreements.

Vladimir Komoedov , eks - the commander of the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation:

- What here comments? In the most highest delight. At me phone does not stop, call from Sevastopol. The finest decisions of two slavonic presidents. I would tell, brothers who each other understand and really want the present rapprochement of our people after the ambassador of a nationalist policy of the previous management of Ukraine. If to speak directly on the Black Sea fleet, I think that it is the enormous prospect. I said time and again that Russia without Sevastopol, without the Black Sea fleet and #8213; he/she is the invalid.

Certainly, now it is necessary, that CHF did not stand and did not expect the termination of the next term of abiding, and it was updated. That it became effective operatively - strategic association and provided protection not only Russia, but also Ukraine, two countries. As mutual understanding with Military - naval forces of Ukraine has been reached for a long time, and we spoke on one military - sea language.

the Agreement on fleet, I will not be afraid elevated style, is a returning to a body of Russia of her soul.

Alexander GRISHIN