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Leah it is possible to find in capital shops natural milk

interesting, and somebody from you, expensive readers, saw in shop a dairy product ? Well that is the milk made of a powder.

and after all under new technical regulations which have been accepted in December, 2008, manufacturers have obliged to do such inscription on packings. Under a condition if milk is valid from it is restored from the dry. Personally I have noticed that from counters of capital shops packages with an inscription " have disappeared; the restored milk (as means - from a powder), but and there was no packing with an inscription a dairy product . Really manufacturers have sharply become reasonable and have started to give to drink to us strictly natural milk from - under a cow ?


- Here is not present, - has dispelled ours chajanja the expert of a society of protection of the rights of consumers Public control Ekaterina Makarevich from which we have gone on shops in search of the present milk. - unless it is possible to speak about naturalnosti when on packing it is written - normalised? Moreover and sterilised. That it means: natural milk, whose fat content fluctuates from 3,7 to 6 percent, from different farms and, naturally, from hundred different cows, merge together, and then in the special way divide into fat cream and actually degreased obrat, the rest. Then in special capacity milk normalise that is in skim milk add cream to a certain share of fat content - from 1,5 to 6 percent (therefore on packings and there is an inscription - structure: the skim milk, the normalised milk (or cream) - Ekaterina) has pointed a finger. Then this finished to norms Milk sterilise - quickly heat up to temperature over 100 degrees. Yes, thus all bacteria, and not only pathogenic, but also useful are killed. Without speaking about vitamins and microcells. So about what naturalnosti there can be a speech?

- wait, but dilute - that all - taki with milk, instead of a dry powder? - we were picked packings, trying to find a package with an inscription a dairy product .

- And how you can check up it? - Has responded the expert a question to a question. - look at results of our check (see Results of check ) - In three cases from five was the inadmissible maintenance of substances which can say only that in these drinks there is a dried milk is revealed.


- It turns out that us unscrupulously inflate - I any more did not believe inscriptions natural milk on numerous boxes.

- yes, as a matter of fact, manufacturers ignore technical regulations. But, business, more likely, that any serious sanctions for technical regulations infringement is not provided. And techniques of check of milk which would find out a forgery simply is not present. It is possible not to say at all that the state control in the eating market as a matter of fact any. The enterprises of small and average business check time in three years, and that after the official prevention. Therefore, if also there are any infringements manufacturers in good time eliminate them.

- and here look, on one packing it is written - THAT (specifications), and on other GOST , - I have found two tetrapaka. - It is possible to tell, what one of them is more qualitative than another?

- Technical conditions (THAT) are developed by manufacturers are any grounded consumer knows. And develop they as much as possible soft conditions of production which resolve actually everything, up to dried milk use can. So GOST inscription in any measure protects the consumer. But it not panacea. More often, manufacturers hide the information on a product and consider it normal. After all the mechanism of protection of the consumer from   the forged and poor-quality milk within the limits of dairy technical regulations does not exist till now.

In attempts to find a fair inscription a dairy drink we with Ekaterina have rummaged a heap of bottles, packages and packings. Have not found. But minutes through 20 have got to the bottom of the real milk from - under a cow ! And it should please.

(how to define naturalnost and utility of milk look advice of the expert in a heading By the way ) .


At the desire of the Society of protection of the rights of consumers Public control in scientific research institute of the dairy industry (the GNU LISTEN to Rosselhozakademii) SILT Milk five samples of the pasteurised milk fat content of 3,2 % have tested. Experts checked milk on conformity to requirements STATE THAT and to technical regulations on milk and dairy production.

successfully the test have passed milk the Main recess (Open Society mosmedynagroprom Dairy factory a School food ) and the Clear meadow (Open Company Dream ). fiziko - chemical indicators of both samples have appeared in norm, it means that milk - natural.

but here other three samples have not pleased:

+ prostokvashino (Open Society the Company JUNIMILK ) : Instead of put 4,5 - 4,7 percent the lactose mass fraction has made 4,3 percent. The maintenance of soda 0,229. The low maintenance of mass fraction SOMO (percentage of fibers and dry fat-free substances).

+ the Big mug ( the Galaxy ): a lactose mass fraction - 4,3 percent. The soda maintenance - 0,113.

+ Ostankinsky (Open Society Ostankinsky dairy industrial complex ) - The soda maintenance - 0,155.

In all three samples of so-called milk ammonia - the substance extremely harmful to an organism, though and containing in insignificant quantities is found out.


Soda can be in a powder

  - the soda Found out in samples, most likely, contained in the dried milk which manufacturers add it for prolongation of a period of storage of a product, - explains the head SILT Milk to the GNU LISTEN Rosselhozakademii Elena Jurova . - Not a secret that in Russia for preparation of a dairy drink manufacturers uses a powder from stocks, instead of fresh, just prepared as it is accepted in Europe. At difficult processing of the restored milk, for example, its numerous heating, soda enters reaction with fibers of milk therefore ammonia is formed. Such milk name dead. As to lactose indicators, it is in any milk, but in restored its maintenance always is lowered. Low maintenance SOMO in milk prostokvashino allows to draw a conclusion that packing contents are made from a powder .


What most - the real

- the Ultrasterilized milk - processed at very high temperatures (to 135 degrees) within several seconds when harmful bacteria their disputes are destroyed. But thus also collapse and   useful substances. But it is stored more half a year. And in an open kind in the refrigerator too long.

- the Sterilized milk is processed at temperatures over 100 degrees during 10 - 15 seconds. Thanks to it the period of storage before half a year raises. Also are destroyed both harmful, and useful bacteria.

- the pasteurised milk is processed at temperature from 60 to 95 degrees from 15 till 20 seconds. It allows to kill harmful bacteria, but to save life the useful. Nevertheless vitamins and minerals also partially collapse. The period of storage of such milk is less, than at sterilised (from a month to three, sometimes above), but it is more than advantage.

- the Enriched pasteurised milk. With additives of various vitamins and microcells. The most useful milk because in it the lack of the substances destroyed by thermal processing is filled. But also vitamins, and microcells there not so natural, and as in chemist`s vitamin complexes. Thus working life enough big (from a month to three) that allows to store it in the refrigerator longer.

- natural perfect milk. The inscription on packing says - fat content from 3,4 to 6 percent (while on the others normalised ) . Floating fat content - at the present milk as depends on that, than eats a cow, time of days and even breed of cattle. Working life - from two about five days depending on a period of storage. It means that milk was not exposed to thermal processing, but should always is stored in a cold place. Otherwise there is a chance to buy already turned sour. This most natural and useful milk. Unfortunately, with very small period of storage.


Gennady Onishchenko: the Dairy drink - a normal product, but it should cost cheaper!

During recent visit in we have asked the Main state health officer Gennady Onishchenko: What milk is on sale in the Moscow shops: integral or all - taki restored? .

- Till now there were no cases that in Moscow or Moscow suburbs Rospotrebnadzor has caught manufacturers and sellers on a deceit when the dairy drink from the restored milk would stand out for integral, drinking milk, - Gennady Grigorevich has diplomatically informed.

- But in one capital shop you will not see a package with an inscription a dairy drink ! You want to tell, what all milk at us on sale - integral?!

- Then that so. Basically, Moscow can quite provide itself with drinking milk all year long. And here in the north of our country, to the contrary, drinking milk cannot be - it there will not take. So the dairy drink there is on sale.

it is a normal, good product - the Main health officer has assured us. At the same time the dairy drink, as he said, necessarily should differ at the price from integral, drinking milk: After all in a drink from the dry restored milk the fiber structure collapses at ultrasterilization and there is no that volume of vitamins which contains in whole milk .

Then if manufacturers give out the restored milk for integral of us not only make a fool with structure and utility of a product, but also plant on money.

and you buy what milk also to what manufacturers trust?