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Not a bat, not krashena or as it is favourable to sell the car

Such sensation that all motorists sell today and buy. has found out, how it to make as much as possible effectively and without serious consequences.


Where to sell?

For certain your present car has well served you any time, but change politichesko - an economic situation in the country has made the business - the car is time for selling. On a car market it is possible to refuse weekly trips at once. Let the market remains, as some experts, " speak; a dialogue place perekupov and suckers . Today to sell the car is better on the Internet, by means of two largest sites with personals av. by and abw. by.

we Prepare a car for sale

Most likely, during sale of the car it will be constantly used, therefore we will not polish it to shine and to hold on parking, and we will continue to use it, without being lazy to support a car in a good external status. To begin with we will clear away salon and a luggage carrier from collected for long time useful trifles : old candles, banok from - under butters and omyvajki and etc. Then we will vacuum salon and a luggage carrier, we will wash up rugs, we will clear the panel and plastic parts of salon special means. After that we will call in on a sink and pomoem a car outside. It is possible to refuse engine washing - let buyers see that cars specially did not prepare for sale, did not hide traces of leak of butter or a liquid of the hydraulic booster of a wheel. Many before sale polish a body and rub tyre covers with special structure, but already superfluous - a car it is not a shame to show this to the buyer and now. For announcement placing on the Internet the car needs to be photographed beautifully. Certainly, for this purpose there is no sense to employ the photographer - the professional, but also to remove the car on a mobile phone in the dark too it is not necessary. Having chosen clear day, drive away the car in a beautiful place and make some photos from different foreshortenings, without having forgotten about salon.

What price to expose?

On the one hand, the price should be competitive that your offer differed from others. In - the second as practice has shown, in cost it is necessary to put so-called trade - that sum on which it is possible to move during the auction. Experts advise to look at announcements of other sellers offering the same cars then the range of the prices becomes clear at once.

How to communicate with buyers?

After the tenth calling you learn to classify buyers. The first group - so-called perekupy. These people are allocated characteristic slengovymi with expressions. For example, type questions Already on transits? or on salon - a rag? (meaning absence of a skin) give out the people densely occupied in automobile business. For such buyers the main thing is the price, and they ask at once final cost which, as a rule, does not suit them.

the Following category of buyers conditionally name wives . For example, the husband to the spouse has decided to buy a car, and has told: choose. The lady has wandered on the market, has estimated that it is pleasant to it, and starts to ring round announcements. To such customers is useless to tell about quantity of valves, presence of the filter of zero resistance or date of replacement of belt GRM. Here it is necessary to emphasise that the machine in a perfect technical status, is well-groomed, accurate and etc.

There are buyers who search not for any concrete model, and, will tell the car a golf - a class to 6000 dollars. They should tell about advantages of this model in the class. There can be nonresident buyers who ask, that the seller, for example, has approached in Smolevichi, and buyers have looked and, possibly, have bought the car. Such it is polite to refuse better - it is not necessary to waste time on promotur on the Minsk area.

Many advise to choose the following tactics of dialogue with potential buyers: not to sing it songs about not a bat, not krashena holding the opinion the car before you, study much . For example, on a question And a leah was a bat? it is possible to respond fairly: At me - is not present, and to me, certainly yes, after all ten years` unbeaten BMW is a myth .


In parallel with sale it is possible to select a variant of purchase of other car. For interest walk on a car market: estimate assortment and the prices, communicate to sellers, listen to their horror stories of type at me on this car already three clients tomorrow the price list will be even more in June you already to yourselves precisely will find nothing . The majority of cars sold today on a car market - mini - veny, versatile persons, hetchbeki, classical compartments or sedans in the market much less. The most part - a diesel engine. It and is clear, after all demand gives rise to the offer. Many want to buy the capacious multipurpose and economic car simultaneously. Few solid DM: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, come across to Volkswagen more, Renault, Peugeot, Nissan, Mazda, any Hyundais, Daewoo in cost, as a rule, is not more expensive than 8000 dollars. The majority of cars on a car market traditionally not bito, not krasheno, just from Germany, there went the grandmother on Sundays in church . It would Seem that time of these fairy tales has passed for a long time already. But is not present! Well what grandmother will go on resurrections in church on sports tjuningovannom BMW?! On a question, and why at the car just from Germany there is a windshield of the Belarus manufacture, sellers respond only OK, 500 dollars I will throw off .

not to waste time and nerves to search for the car better besides on the Internet - with the help all the same automobile sites. All - taki a convenient armchair at the computer, a filtration of the necessary offers two clicks of a mouse, viewing of suitable variants is not wandering on the chilled market with a cigarette in one hand and shaurmoj in another. Use the filter and open ten variants approaching you. Take a companion who well understands cars, and begin a detour of sellers. Each announcement can be printed in advance, and after car survey on fields to do marks about the impressions. Later to line all results and to understand, what offer is better. Do not give in to the general panic, and easy spend the searches - all - taki car purchase - business serious, and it is bought not for a year. If the car to you has really attracted, necessarily go on checked up HUNDRED to be convinced that the car is in the good form also has no latent defects.

And what further?

the Majority of experts agree in opinion that till July, 1st of a foreign car with run in Belarus will rise in price only. A pier, sellers use the created agiotage and raise the prices. However some stages to which managed to communicate the correspondent Express opinion that last days before a rise in price of a customs clearance Lithuanians will strongly throw off the prices, after all they are fine informed on our situation and are afraid to be left high and dry, if do not have time to sell the car till July, 1st. However, to leave purchase last days in hope to buy the car more cheaply - serious risk.