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Find person expensive to you through “

you have lost touch with relatives, friends, classmates? And even a site “ Schoolmates “ to you has not helped? Then be converted to us, into a heading “ Wait for me “! Everything that is required, it to cut out and fill the coupon. Necessarily specify the initials, year and the birthplace searched, and also describe circumstances at which you have lost touch with each other. And certainly, if there is a possibility, put photos. All it send us to the address: 344000, Rostov-on-Don, and/ I 575, with a mark “ Wait for me “ or on electronic mail: olika@kprostov. ru

Elena Nikolaevna Kuryshko (Morgunova) from h. Proletarian Oryol area of the Rostov region searches for the friend of the youth Valery Lazareva, 1951 - 1952 year of birth. A prospective place of search - Bataysk the Rostov region:

“ When - that we met Valera. I remember, I even was at it on a visit, he has acquainted me with parents and the sister. But has passed so much years, and I have forgotten their names and patronymics. We with Valera have been enamoured each other. It seemed, nothing will prevent our pure feelings. However life has disposed differently. The destiny has parted us. Has passed so much years, but I remember till now a smile and eyes of this wonderful guy. I very much would like to learn, how there was his life. Perhaps, it is not obligatory he, and someone from its acquaintances will read this letter. It is possible to take my address in edition. Please, help to find the first love! “


“ Misha Kuzmin, respond! “

Paul Ivanovich Suhachev from Mines searches for the schoolmate of Michael Pavlovicha Kuzmin, 1947 year of birth. Prospective place of search - the Rostov region:

“ When - that we together studied in Anapa, at school น 2. Very much were on friendly terms. Then life has brought both of us to the Rostov region. Now, after so much years, I very much would like to find for Mishu. To learn, how there was his life. A bear, respond! “

“ I search for classmates GPTU น 59 of Donetsk “

Michael Andreevich Konnov from Mines searches for the classmates:

Nina Malygin,

Tanju Tishchenko,

Zoe Voronovu,

Nina Maslov,

Nina Ivanihinu,

Svetlana Neborak,

Tanju Dikovu,

to Tanju Kolesnikov,

Veru Danchenkovu,

Tanju Martyshchenko,

Alla Antonovu,

Ljudu Pivovarovu,

Olga Popovu.

“ When - that we together studied in GPTU น 59 of Donetsk of the Rostov region. Group of milling-machine operators with three-year term of training with 1969 for 1972. I the unique guy in group. In 1972 we passed practice in Rostov-on-Don, at factory “ Red Aksaj “ and “ the Device “. On the final have agreed to meet on 25 - letie schools in 1994. But I could not arrive. I know that some girls have returned to live to Donetsk, and others - remained in Rostov-on-Don. Girls, very much would like to learn about destiny of each of you! “

“ I search for colleagues! In/ ch 54801 210ยฤยะ “

Mishchenko Sergey Evgenevich from Azov the Rostov region searches for the colleagues with whom served in Stavropol with 1992 for 1994. In/ ch 54801 210ยฤยะ:

Alexander Zaharchenko (from Rostov-on-Don),

Igor Birjukova (from Volgodonsk),

Vitaly Karpova (from Volgodonsk),

Edward Tarasova (from Taganrog).

“ When I went home after demobilisation, have forgotten in a train an album with photos and addresses of children. Having learnt that in “ there is a remarkable heading “ Wait for me “ I have decided to try to find for colleagues “.

“ Please, who saw our mum, inform! “

Oksana and Tatyana Rumjantsevy from Rostov-on-Don search for mother Zynaida Ivanovnu Rumjantsevu, 1939 year of birth. A prospective place of search - the Rostov region:

“ on August, 7th, 2006 mum has left early in the morning for work, therefrom has gone on a summer residence to Bataysk (DNT “ the Hydromachine operator “ 9 - I street, a site น 172). In the evening home it has not returned. Its growth 160 - 170 sm, eyes brown. Special signs: over the left eyebrow in the field of a temple a thin scar. On teeth plug-in metal crowns. Under a lower lip a birthmark. Swarty. There is a scar from an appendicitis.

mum did not complain of health, an amnesia did not suffer affliction. Has been dressed in a blue dress and a dark blue vest with an embroidery “ the Navy “ gold letters. Standing - a sabot of beige colour with a brown insert. In ears - gold earrings, on a neck - a silver chain and a Christian dagger. With itself mum took the pension certificate, the preferential travel coupon, icons, keys from a summer residence, works and apartments. Also at itself had camera Samsung. In hospitals and mortuaries of mum was not. One hope of your newspaper. Please, if someone saw our mummy, inform us! You cannot present to yourselves at all as it is terrible to lose the most expensive person and not to know that with it became! “

“ Help to find the father - Sergey Tchaikin “

Larissa Sergeevna Tchaikin from Rostov-on-Don searches for the father Sergey Konstantinovicha Tchaikin, 1941 year of birth. A prospective place of search - the Rostov region:

“ the Father was gone on July, 16th, 1994. In the morning to it it became bad, and we have called the fast. It has taken away it in hospital. But from hospital the father has run away. Since then it more nobody saw. I understand that has passed many years. But, as speak, hope springs eternal. I believe till now that the father is live, and very much I want, that it was. Please, help! “

“ I search for Valentina Reshetnjak “

Tatyana Ivanovna Sitnikova from Salsk searches for the godmother Valentina Petrovnu Reshetnjak, 1950 year of birth. A prospective place of search - Rostov-on-Don:

“ Many long years we very well communicated with Valechkoj. Then she has got divorced from husband and has moved where - that to other place. And as - that so has turned out that I have not had time to take its address. Very much would like to find for Valentina. Precisely I know that she lives where - that in Rostov. Bringing down, respond! It is assured, to us is what to remember and about what to talk! “

“ Serezha, respond! “

Nina Nikolaevna Belozorova searches for the friend of the youth - Sergey (patronymics and surnames does not remember). A prospective place of search - the Rostov region:

“ I search for the friend of a student`s youth - Sergey. Now to it approximately 46 - 48 years. He lived with parents and the sister or the brother in Volgodonsk. Studied as the engineer in RISHMe. A sports, charming, sociable brown-haired person with a magnificent head of hear. In July, 1984 earned additionally the courier: carried printing house production on Budyonnovsk in airport area. I know also that two of them with the friend rented apartment on street Socialist. On July, 4th, 2009 someone has called to me by name in lane Semashko. Then I have not learnt Sergey. But has then understood that it was it. Sergey the invalid, probably, was in Afgane. Lives in area of the streets located close to the Central market. I ask all who something knows about this person, inform! I will be grateful for the help! “


dear readers!

If you know something about these people, call by us to phone: (863 291 - 06 - 00.


Evgenie Vladimirovna Mirzoev was gone.

Date of birth: on January, 1st, 1994, the native Vorkuta republics Komis, lives to the address: Rostov-on-Don, Stanislavsky`s street, 123. Has left the house on February, 8th, 2010 and till now has not returned.

signs: growth of 162 sm, weight of 83 kg, the brown eyes, a full constitution, a swarty skin, straight lines darkly - a fair hair, to shoulders.

special signs: a birthmark on the right shovel.

has been dressed: a brown knitted cap with a pompon, black bolonevaja a jacket, black jeans, a violet T-shirt, white krossovki.

to All to whom something is known about its site, the request to inform in militia department น 3 (the Kirov area) across Rostov-on-Don by phones: (863 240 - 83 - 78, 249 - 44 - 39 or 02.