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The sovereign court has allowed to write to journalists about private life of officials

As it is known, one of the most sick subjects - charge of journalists in intervention to private life of about whom readers, spectators and investigators most of all want to know: stars ekstrady, actors, politicians.

the sovereign court (VS the Russian Federation) has given particular attention to hunting representatives of mass-media for politicians also recognised that in certain cases promulgation of private life of officials is not illegal.

so, in particular, judges VS have noticed that it is possible to inform on the facts, which are capable to make positive impact on discussion in a society of the questions, concerning politicians at execution of the functions by them . Better to say, if private life of the politician can be reflected in its office activity (and unless it can not be reflected?!) That the journalist has the right to publish that has dug out . Also there is nothing to accuse paparazzi after all it as it is told in explanations of Plenum VS the Russian Federation, fulfils a public duty in business of informing of citizens on the questions representing public interest .

However, skilled lawyers warn: the skilled lawyer employed the victim the politician, can quite wrap up explanations of the Sovereign court to own advantage. As formulations in protection of journalists rather flowed round and estimated.