Rus News Journal

The forecast from Innokentija Lunova for April, 26th - on May, 2nd


Here - here in your private life there will be long-awaited changes. Pay attention to the environment, probably, your significant other goes for a long time already nearby.

the bullock

Be on the alert. It is not necessary to hurry up and share the secrets with unfamiliar people. New friends can not justify your trust and blurt out the superfluous.


do not search for difficult ways and do not invent intricate strategy. A key from all your problems absolutely nearby, you need to give a hand and take it.

a cancer

Good week for those who studies and passes courses of improvement of qualification. Having shown persistence, you will consult with all problems and will prove to be in the best light.

a lion

sum up made and will take a detached view of a situation. So you can see the misses, not only not make similar errors in the future, but also correct the last.

the maiden

It is possible to sigh freely, special efforts during a week will not be. Be engaged in the private affairs, make the necessary purchases and will find time for younger members of a family.


there Has come time of execution of treasured desires and an embodiment in life of old ideas. The help will come at all therefrom, whence you waited, but will be very opportunely.

a scorpion

Spend free time and money for. Also do not save - afford all acquisitions of which for a long time dreamt, after all they are really necessary to you.


it is possible, you will be discouraged in people who considered as the friends. But you will understand, who actually concerns you sincerely and will not betray.

a goat

Relations of two people alone are not under construction, and you should remember it if want to reach harmonies. Show participation and divide duties with darling.


do not wait, while the situation will be changed to the best, without your resolute actions all remains on a former place. It is time to take destiny in hand.


Have a rest with advantage for a body. After long winter you should take care of the physical form. Start to do body exercises, be engaged in run and watch a diet.