Rus News Journal

To whom will carry this week 22 - on April, 28th

the ARIES  

you will succeed in the decision   important questions. Only do not show the initiative, on April, 26th anything new do not begin.

the TAURUS  

Excellent time for creativity, purchases and another matters with which you will consult unaided. At a choice trust the taste, and here excessive kindness will hurt.


study and professional work will be successful. Listen to advice of friends, do not feel sorry forces   for purpose achievement.

the CANCER  

Is better to you it will go right   easy employment: decorate the house, improve relations with business partners and close people. Avoid receivership proceeding.

the LION  

positive changes will be successful: On April, 22nd continue already begun affairs, build and reconstruct habitation, 23 - go start employment unusual to you. More attention give to close people.

the VIRGIN  

Good time for important meetings and the decision of financial problems, show character and will power, on April, 24th try to finish any project is will bring success and respect of associates.


Within the next few days good luck will depend on your efficiency: try to accelerate life. On April, 27th start business with which you will consult, without distracting from the primary activity.


you will succeed in the decision industrial   problems. Rationally use time, observe the interests.


Is better to you the most simple affairs will go right: Have a rest, do manual work, communicate with friends.


the Success is promised by contacts to the heads, and also the decision of household questions. Put before itself real problems, do not overtire.


to you will carry in love and creativity. Take care of appearance and health, show optimism, do not aspire to execute the official duties by all means.


habitual employment will be successful: be engaged in an economy, buy personal things, show optimism. But on April, 24th and 25 anything considerable do not undertake.

Astrologist Lina the SAVANSKY.