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God is a DJ

It not simply play in   classical representation, symbiosis of performance, club culture is faster, comedy and a reality - show, total absence of borders between real and is virtual - information the worlds.

Protagonists - It and It. For two hours five times have time to become successful in the glamour world - it to become the actress, a leading popular column and the director. He is a musician and the DJ. But eventually they appear in fake apartment where represent for pair hundreds dollars at an o`clock home life.

All their feelings is a fiction, experiences - a gallery play. It podnadoela this falseness, but two hundred dollars at an o`clock force them again and again to play etudes from home life.

WHERE: the dramatic art and direction Center, the Scene on Running, the m. item Running street Running,   5/ 2, p. 1.

WHEN: on April, 25th the beginning in 20. 00.


we Play tickets for performance of the Center of dramatic art and direction

answer a question: the art director of whom of theatre is the director of performance Natashina dream George Zheno?

Variants: Theatre. dok, practice the dramatic art and direction Center, Theatre of Joseph Boyes?

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