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6 naive questions on cucumbers

When we will sow?

- I Want to grow up at myself on a site cucumbers. When to sow seeds on sprouts?

Victor Posohov.

- the Maximum age of sprouts - 25 days. In the conditions of Moscow Region in a hothouse land plants in the middle of May, under time film shelters - in the end. In an open ground - after June, 10th. Proceeding from it, define crops term. Before occurrence of the first shoots (two - three days) rassadnye boxes is better to cover with glass and to hold at temperature 25 - 28 degrees, trying not to overdry soil. The cucumber perfectly transfers change (sword-play). Plants turn out more levelled, but at observance of some conditions. Sejantsy should not be extended, that is outgrown.

I the supporter of that on the window sill to grow up five plants of a cucumber but to create it perfect conditions. In an ideal the qualitative sprouts should be with 3 - 4 leaves in width 15 - 20 sm and in height not less than 30 see   By the way, a cucumber - one of the earliest vegetable cultures. For example, at such modern hybrids as Murashka, it is possible to collect Voyage, the Break, a Premium, the first crop already on 35 - 38 day.

What grades approach for gathering of gherkins?

- very much I love small cucumbers - gherkins. A leah it is possible to grow up them in Moscow suburbs? Will advise good grades?

Lydia Kolbasova.

- Gherkins are ideally suited for pickling and salting. I can advise you cucumber hybrids, such, as Shchedrik, the Quadrille, the Break, Picnic. At these plants buketnyj the flowering type, that is in each bosom of sheet is put 10 - 12 zavjazej. Means, it is possible to collect as much small cucumbers. And the more small you will break them, the more fruits receive. After all they will not compete among themselves for nutrients.

Than plants are ill?

- some years I am am pursued by failure. On leaves of cucumbers there is a white touch. What is this illness and how with it to consult?

Dmitry Romanov.

- Most likely, your plants have suffered from mealy dew. To struggle with it it is possible in the next way. In - the first, it is necessary to grow up the hybrids steady against given disease, such, as the Quadrille, the Baize, Shchedrik, the Mother-in-law (a novelty - 2010), Zjatek, and variety of other modern hybrids. If you prefer old grades to struggle with the given disease preparations " will help; the Topaz and Teavit Dzhet . A leah

it is necessary to temper sprouts?

- last year has grown up good sprouts of cucumbers in banks from - under beer. Plants has planted in parnichok tunnel type, but all bushes were lost, though I watered and fed up them. What introduced errors and how me them not to repeat in this season were?


- Most likely, your sprouts were not tempered. Understand, illumination conditions in a room and in the street essentially differ, therefore plants should be accustomed to external illumination and air for three - four days before disembarkation. For this purpose take out them for some time for a balcony or a loggia. Will not prevent at first after disembarkation in a ground to cover cucumbers a nonwoven material which creates a small shade, and it is easier to plants to endure sharp change of light exposure. Probably, your sprouts simply has burnt down if in the street there were hot days, and you did not open a film.  

Whence points?

- On cucumber sprouts have appeared strange tochechki and when has started to examine leaflets has noticed also insects. How to me to get rid of this wrecker and on a broader scale what is this a misfortune?

Yury Ivashkin.

- Most likely, your plants have suffered from the web tick. These wreckers gnaw through holes in leaves and drink juice from plants. If with them not to struggle, the sprouts will be lost. As a rule, houses, especially catch the web tick of a plant at you when nearby there are purchased flowers. The laundry soap and other folk remedies will not exterminate this enemy. Is better to spend processing of plants by preparations fitoverm Aktelik or Pegas .

  the Main thing, in time to notice this wrecker at the very beginning of its harmful activity then with it it is the most easier to consult. Spend at least two sprayings with an interval 5 - 7 days. In a hothouse the tick appears at doors or window leaves so, coming into a hothouse, examine plants with special carefulness there.

Why fall down zavjazi?

- last year at me in a hothouse the crop of cucumbers was very bad. Zavjazi turned yellow, dried up and fell down. I can not understand, in what the reason?


- the Reasons can be a little. In - the first,   you could grow up pcheloopyljaemye hybrids which are preferable to an open ground. If in a hothouse insects zavjazi simply dried up did not fly.

  Sometimes cucumbers can behave thus from - for shortages of microcells. Nitrogen and potassium are simply necessary for normal growth and fructification for this culture, and their parity should be 1:2. Quite probably that the reason was in bad weather.